Collars Offer an Easy Spring Update

The great thing about knitting or crocheting a collar is that you can have a completely new look, but only have to make the collar! I’m sure you’ve noticed all the little collars popping up on fashion runways and fashion magazines. But have you noticed that we have collar patterns that make it easy to create your collar in the color that is best for you. Nice thing about collars is that they are detachable. Of course, you can stitch them on, but it’s nice to think of them as an alternative to the usual necklace.  We’ve used cotton Aunt Lydia’s threads, so they are certainly wearable any season of the year.  Put together a fresh look using tops or t-shirts already in your closet.  And share them on our Aunt Lydia’s Facebook page.

Lacy Knit Collar                                 Moderne Crochet Floral Collar                               Designer Lace Collar 
by Lorna Miser                                     by Lorna Miser                                                              by Kristin Stoltzfus






















Aunt Lydia’s Fashion Crochet Size 3               Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Size 10
Available in 27 colors                                           Available in 57 colors

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