Colorful Groovy Awesome New SUPER SAVER Colors

We just added four new shades of Red Heart Super Saver and we wanted to see how they work up. Seems like there is still plenty of winter to come, so we decided to try two of the new colors for really easy cowls. They’re the perfect quick projects for staying inside and relaxing as you knit or crochet.

Butterfly combines wonderful colors that are taken from nature’s display found in the spring or summer garden. We see Butterfly used for fashion accessories, blankets, throws and ottomans. Or wing it and try it for whatever you’d like to make next. It’s shown here as the Rev Up the Color Cowl to crochet.

E300_3953_productLW4701 Rev Up the Color Cowl

Lagoon is a rendition of colors that remind us of a dream vacation at the beach or a tropical lagoon. The vibrant shades work together for any season or reason. Wouldn’t it be a fun baby girl blanket, child’s sweater, or warm hat? See it here as the Warm Colorful Cowl to knit.


LW4700 Warm Colorful Cowl


E300_3938_productPanther Pink may be the grooviest of all the new Super Saver colors. Choose a romantic comedy to watch and make something cool to add to your wardrobe. Perhaps you know someone that would love having a new hat or cowl in this vibrant shade. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a delicious splash of color.

E300_4315_productNeon Fleck probably looks subdued and a bit boring on your computer or tablet screen. But when you see it in person it is strewn with bits of neon green, neon pink and neon orange for an awesome take on a flecked tweed. Combine it with neon Super Saver shades like Blacklight, Glowworm, Pretty ‘n Pink and Flame.

41 thoughts on “Colorful Groovy Awesome New SUPER SAVER Colors

  1. Cori

    I just happened to find 8 skiens of Butterfly at my local Wal-Mart. I’m using it to make a sweater and absolutely LOVE this color! Can’t wait to get more!!

    • Anonymous

      Love em all now if Walmart will just expand their craft departments in their stores they lie say that they are stuck with what you send and you say you send what they order (<—makes more sense)

      • crafty mema

        i hear you all on the wal mart-mine has 1/2 of a row

        going to a bigger store today
        wish meluck

        crafty mema

      • Stef

        When my local Walmart opened a few months ago, they had yarn by the boucoups, now they hardly have any. And it’s not just the Red Heart, it’s several other brands too.

  2. Dorothy vonFriewalde

    I am going to have to order mine, these colors are luscious. Will be going through my patterns for projects.

  3. Cathy

    Panther Pink is the custom yarn I would design for myself-thanks for bringing it to life!

  4. sue

    How come it’s so hard to find these colors in local stores. Michaels carries such a limited selection of colors

    • Penny

      Michaels seems to be slowly changing to its own brands. Same thing with paints. Thank goodness for the Internet.

      • Sue

        Same with Hobby Lobby. Seems they have done away with Red Heart altogether.

  5. Morgan Leeson

    I love these colors. For some reason my Walmart in GJ, CO had the NEW colors on clearance for only $2.00 each.

      • Catherine McClarey

        Agreed! I found the Lagoon colorway on clearance at my local Walmart this winter, but hadn’t realized it was a new RHSS colorway until I saw this blog post. I hope these new colorways get added to the Multicolor Coordinate Chart PDF soon, if they aren’t there already; I make use of that chart a lot when picking out yarn for the granny-square afghans I so often make.

  6. Joan

    I LOVE flecked yarn and the idea of neon flecks. I cannot wait to knit with this new yarn color.
    Red <3

  7. Sarah Muddiman

    I have seen and purchased all of these at my local walmart, all except the panther pink. Maybe they never had it or maybe it sold out very quickly lol. Will purchase some from your site. Very pretty, thank you red heart <3

    • Anonymous

      Just bought some of this at my Walmart on clearance

  8. Theresa Middendorf

    I really love the new colors but would LOVE to see the older Fleck yarn colors brought back.

  9. Maggie

    Love the new colors. My favorite is the Panther Pink. Can’t wait to get some!

  10. Shirley B

    Simply LOVE these new colors, ALL of them. Trying to make up my mind which to order but I THINK, at this point, Panther Pink wins!!! Great, great colors, Red Heart!!!

  11. Miba

    That neon fleck is perfect! I was just wondering the other day if there was anything like this out there to buy.

  12. Betty

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely beautiful new colors. Can’t wait to get out to the store and buy some. Keep up the good work.

  13. MaureenS

    Leave it to the Redheart designers to continue to inspire us needle workers with new colors. You’ve set my imagination into full gear once again. Thank you. As a handicapped lady I keep busy with your yarns especially Super Saver which is hard to find in stores.

  14. Suzanne Piccolo

    I’ve given up trying to get the colours I want from Wal-Mart or Michael’s. Since Target bought out Zeller’s I’ve ordered my yarn directly from Red Heart. Much easier to get enough skeins of the same dye-lot.

  15. wendy pinder

    I love your yarn but our walmart has (maybe ) 20 colors is there a way you can get more variety to them?

  16. Swtthng

    How can I make the finished baby blanket softer with this yarn? Love the colors, but it’s too rough on a newborn. Suggestions? Thanks.

    • Nancy Guthrie

      Just wash and dry the finished blanket.

    • Barbara

      Steam it, but be careful not to touch the iron directly to the yarn. I have steamed several items and it always makes the yarn super soft.

  17. Cindy

    I really love the new colors along with everyone else. This is just a hint for folks whose local Walmarts do not carry the colors. Walmart carries many many more brands and colors of yarn on their website than they do in any of the stores near me, even in Austin! And you can usually get “site-to-store” delivery at no charge.

  18. vickie b

    When you order online so you get the same lot numbers in the multicolors?

    • redheart

      Hi Vickie, Thank you for your question! Unfortunately we are unable to guarantee lot numbers in our online orders.

  19. Evelyn

    Your Wal-Mart gets what the corporate office says they can have. It is the same for all the stores and all departments. The corporate office will even control the temperature of the local stores. Makes no sense to me. So I never depend on my local Wal-Mart for my yarn. I order it online from one of 4 sources that I can trust. It just depends on how fast I need the yarn. And yes, Red Heart is one of the sources.

  20. Wendy

    I just wish that when Red Heart (and all yarn makers!) would show a swatch of knit and crochet for the variegated yarns… I might not like the colors but then LOVE the pattern that they make when stitched up. I say a swatch for both because the colors act differently when knit and crocheted. Great brights!

    • Barbara Germer

      every new color I get, I make a two round granny square and place it in a snack bag with the label. when I get ready to make something new I can lay the squares out to see what looks best together. then I keep the squares in a clear tote with lid til next time.

  21. crafty mema

    i hear you on wal mart
    mine has 1/2 a row and it never seems to change
    some day
    crafty mema

  22. Diana Swords

    I hate shopping at Walmart. So I don’t! I’d rather drive up to 100 miles to a JoAnns than go to Walmart. By the way did I say I hate shopping at Walmart!

  23. Karen

    Excited about new yarns, sad that it is out of stock at this time. I will have to keep an eye on them!!

  24. Maggie Pringlemeir

    Interesting new colors, I have always been addicted to the wildest mixed up color yarns. Right now, that neon fleck is yelling at me. It will be perfect for a “walkies” sweater for my Service Dog, MacTaggart. Not only pretty, but functional, too. Great for after-dark outside trips to be seen by cars driving nearby.


  25. Flo S

    I love Red Heart yarn, it’s my go to yarn for almost all my projects. Quite a few years ago I started a project using their blueberry pie. It’s a varigated with blues and purples. When I started to run out, I went to try to purchase more. I found one or two left here and there and asked friends a family to be on the lookout! I finally found out that it had been discontinued. We had no advance notice, it just disappeared from the store shelves. I think they should give us some kind of warning when a particular color will no longer be available. A simple sign on the bin saying this color will no longer be available after a certain dadt. It certainly would have saved me alot of heartache.

  26. Linda Shade

    Are you discontinuing the DK Sage and Med Thyme. I started a afghan with dk sage, went to Walmart and Michaels and could not find any also the same with med thyme. I am so frustrated after spending hrs on these 2 projects, Just would like to know where and if I can still get them

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