Introducing #Make2Share

Do you love to make gifts for others? What about sharing pictures of your projects? You’ll want to be a part of the #make2share Challenge! The #make2share Challenge is open to everyone of all skill levels. Make and give gifts to friends, and encourage them to pass it along. Your gifts can be anything handmade: knit or crochet pieces, something you sew, a painting, a carving, baked goods…the sky’s the limit!

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Knit for Eddie the Eagle Movie

eddiesMomEddie the Eagle is a new movie starring Hugh Jackman and Taron Egerton and telling the true story of Michael “Eddie” Edwards (Egerton), a British ski-jumper who succeeds against the odds and with the help of his coach (Jackman) to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics. Knitting plays a big role in the movie, since Eddie’s mom (played by Jo Hartley) knits and wears a sweater that says “I Am Eddie’s Mom”.

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Marly Bird’s YarnThing Podcast

Did you know that the talented Marly Bird, who does our great knit and crochet tutorial videos, also hosts a podcast? The YarnThing podcast connects knitters and crocheters, and it is live every Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10am Mountain Time. Marly interviews designers, authors, and other people in the yarn industry that you might be excited to hear from. Plus, every show has prizes!

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Welcome to the Blog Hop Crochet Along

from guest blogger Maria Bittner of Pattern Paradise

I’m so excited to announce that a couple of friends and I have partnered with Red Heart Yarn to sponsor the 12 Weeks of Christmas Blog Hop Crochet-Along (CAL)!

How does it work?

Each Friday, starting in early September, we’ll be posting a new free pattern with a holiday theme. The projects vary in size and type and yarn usage so that you can have lots of fun, learn a little and have some great home décor, holiday gifts and practical projects too. And, it will all end in early December so you have lots of time to use your projects for this holiday season!

Thanks to Red Heart Yarn, we will be hosting a Weekly Yarn Giveaway (value $50) so that you can try some of their new and featured yarns! And, at the end, we’ll have a Grand Prize Giveaway (value $125) too!

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Connect with other Knitters and Crocheters

If you are a crocheter or knitter that loves enjoying your craft alone, and gets all the inspiration you need from the many websites and Ravelry, then you do not need to read any further. But if you would like to be opened up to the larger world of wonderful people (in the flesh) that knit and crochet, I whole-heartedly encourage you to join a group.

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Baseball season is starting! Will you attend a Stitch and Pitch?

Baseball, the great sport that is as American as apple pie, is starting its season! With the start of the season comes the start of Stitch and Pitch events.

Stitch and Pitch? What’s that?

Stitch and Pitch are events combining baseball and needlearts! Organized by The National NeedleArts Association, groups all over the country get together to stitch at baseball games. The events are open to anyone, whether they knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross-stitch, embroider, spin, or weave.

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