Finale … Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge

It’s Wednesday and our final night together. I’ve enjoyed spending my Wednesday nights with you.  Tonight I’ll be enjoying the finale of American Idol with a sweater on my needles. Sadly, it’s the finale for the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge, but we will begin a new season in the Fall. I have enjoyed viewing all the wonderful projects and reading your comments. Continue reading “Finale … Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge”

Week 7 Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge

It’s the middle of the week, hump day, Wednesday … and that means it’s time for the Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge.  As the day to day events of life, family and work seem to be out of control, I look forward to our Wednesday evenings together and this week more than ever.  This is my therapy!  Tonight I’ll be finishing up the Ruffle Rose Pillow that I started last week, and then I’m going to work on the South Beach Cover Up.  I’ve selected Washable Ewe in Zinnia for this project. Continue reading “Week 7 Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge”

Red Heart’s New Yarns Retweet Giveaway

We are so excited to share with you our newest yarns from Red Heart. Enter Red Heart’s Twitter Retweet Giveaway for a chance to win one of two prize packs. One prize pack is geared towards knitting and the other crochet. Each prize pack includes, 4 skeins of yarn, a Red Heart bag, a Susan Bates crochet hook or knitting needles, and a copy of Knitting Today! or Crochet Today!
Continue reading “Red Heart’s New Yarns Retweet Giveaway”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 6

I can’t believe how fast time is flying past. We are on Week 6 of our Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge … where has the time gone? Well, I’ve been able to complete 5 projects. I always have several projects going at any given time, but setting aside Wednesday nights has helped me get things finished by working with all of you. I purposely picked projects I knew I could finish in a week. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 6”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 5

Sometimes we have days that aren’t great and then we end up being frustrated or in a bad mood. We don’t spend enough time doing nice things for ourselves. That’s what I enjoy about the Wednesday Night LW2438RomanticLacyShawlStitching Challenge. It gives me the opportunity to do something nice for myself, briefly forget about all the bad things in the world…my creative therapy. I’m also doing something nice for others, since most of what I make I give as gifts. Plus, I get to share ideas and work with all of you. It’s so much fun seeing all the wonderful items you’re stitching.  Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 5”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 4

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…setting aside one night a week to relax, wind down and work on a project has been so enjoyable for me.wr1759BabyBooties For the first 3 weeks I’ve been able to make things I wanted to keep to use for my home. Like so many of you, most of what I make I end up giving as gifts so I rarely keep anything, let alone plan on making something for myself. Last week I began working on Crochet Natural Stripes Rug for the patio. I’m almost finished with it  and have my next project ready to go. We are now on Week 4, and I’m back to making a gift project, but this is a fun one. I am helping with a baby shower coming up in June and I wanted to do something fun for the table. I’ll be working on Baby Boots. The plan is to make about 10 sets of different colors and place them all together on the table. Then the mother to be will get to keep all of them.  Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 4”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 3

medium_wr1739_0 I have to admit, setting aside one night a week to work on a project has been so much fun and productive for me. It’s helped me to stay focused on one project until it’s finished.  I’ve completed Granny Ottoman Cover, Lacy Accent Doily, and for week 3 I’m going to work on Crochet Natural Stripes Rug for the patio. As with many things I stitch when following a pattern, I’m changing the colors and the yarn, adding my own touch. I’m going to use a combination of Super Saver colors, going with a larger hook, and maybe 3 strands of yarn. I have lots of yarn stashed in my *craft room*, so it’s time for a clean out! Now I can make room for more yarn (as if I really need more yarn), but I never can have enough! Don’t tell me I’m alone here, I know you probably have yarn stashed everywhere too. Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge Week 3”

Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge


We are all so busy with our jobs, families and day to day lives, many of us don’t have enough down time…I’m one of those people. I have given myself one night a week to sit, rest, listen to some music, watch TV and stitch. Wednesday is a great day…it’s the middle of the week and American Idol is on (a popular show in my house). I get to listen to great music while watching TV and stitching all at the same time! I’m one of those people who can’t sit for any length of time without having something in my hands. I’ll bet I’m not alone, am I? Continue reading “Wednesday Night Stitching Challenge”