Convert a Rectangular Shawl into a Shrug by Guest Blogger Joan Barnett

I don’t know about your office, but air conditioning in the office I work in is always too cold for me when I wear sleeveless or short sleeve tops. I’m always hunting for a layering piece to keep me warm. So I made a beautiful rust rectangular shawl that converts into a vest, but what I really needed it to be to wear with my summer top is a shrug. Susan Bates mini knit clips to the rescue!

I turned the shawl inside out and folded it in half lengthwise. I used the mini knit klips to hold the edges together about every 2 inches. The color really doesn’t matter as they only show a little bit. Turn it to the right side and shrug it on. The best part is when Fall rolls around and I want to wear it as I originally did, the knit klips come right out with no damage done to my shawl.





Here are a few shawl patterns that would work well to use the knit clips and turn them into a shrug temporarily.