Crafting for Christmas

This year has gone by in record time! Somehow, it’s past time to start gift making!  I have a large family and try to make everyone something, but this year is going to be tricky.  I’ve got a good list of projects picked out, it’s time to pick up the yarn and my needles and get started!

My mom works from home and her office tends to get chilly; I think the Strolling Mitts made out of Washable Ewe would be a perfect, practical gift this year.  I’ll be making these with Dragonfly, which will compliment the colors she usually wears.


For my brothers, hats have always been a big hit.  I’ll stick with worsted weight patterns for speed, and switch the yarn to With Love, and then they don’t have to worry about throwing them into the wash! For the Ski-Skulls hat, I’ll change the colors to a more manly combination of blue, black and grey.  The brim hats will be striped, but I’m not sure what colors I’ll pick yet.
SkiSkullsHat      StreetwiseBrim 

Dad will get this scarf, long enough for his six foot frame. This one will be tricky to get done on time!


My sister will probably get a scarf too, but I’ll make hers out of Sashay.  The hardest part will be picking the color!  I think she’d love both Ballet and Jive, luckily Sashay knits up so quickly she’ll probably get both!


 What are you making to give this year?