Crafting in the Kitchen

What’s the number one room in your home that gets the most wear and tear? For me…it’s the kitchen. I feel like I’m ALWAYS in there. Always.

Not to mention I never seem to be able to get all the dishes done. Those things multiply don’t they?

Anyway, today I thought I would jump on and share with you all some of my favorite crochet patterns perfect for the kitchen. Crochet is perfect for the kitchen and if you get the design right…they fit in seamlessly! Seriously. Crochet isn’t just for old-fashioned dishcloths and I’m not going to share with you a list of washcloths…though you can find those here. Instead, I’m going to share some unconventional kitchen projects! Make sure to share your finished pieces with me @rohnstrong on Instagram!

  • Hot pads are my life. I collect them…which saying out loud sounds weird but I promise it’s not. I just lose them all the time and they find their way around the house. This checkered Hot Pad is crocheted in strips and woven together to create a thick and checkered hotpad!
Checkered Hot Pad
Checkered Hot Pad free craft pattern LC4043
  • A scrubbing mitt is perfect to use instead of a washcloth. It’s also cute and you don’t have to touch the gross pan stuff.
Fish-Time Scrubbing Mitt
Fish-Time Scrubbing Mitt free knit pattern LW4791
    • While these might be shown with buttons and thread in them I can’t help but think these jars filled with dried beans and grains would look so rustic chic on the windowsill! Make your quinoa pretty again…or something like that.
Hearts Desire Doily-ed Jars
Hearts Desire Doily-ed Jars free crochet pattern LC3047
    • My kitchen is seriously lacking in storage. These hanging baskets would be perfect for storing onions or apples or lemons…my three kitchen staples! Seriously…I stock up each week…but think about how cute they’d be in coordinating colors?
Hanging Baskets on Dowel
Hanging Baskets on Dowel free crochet pattern LC5558
    • The designer saw Flower Pots…I see easy and quick serving bowls! Wrap yarn around some ceramic bowls and you’ll have one heck of a bread bowl!
Crafty Flower Pots
Crafty Flower Pots free craft pattern LM5507
Crafting in the Kitchen | DIY projects for the Kitchen