The Craftys Award Winners Announced!

Last month The Crafty Awards were announced! We had told you about the awards in September, when nominations and voting were open. Red Heart sponsored the knitting and crochet categories, and there were more than 200 entries!

The Craftys are awards that “celebrate the best in DIY and craft”, including knitting and crochet. Anyone can nominate any project — it’s not limited to people who have a blog, or professional designers, or any other group.

Judges for the event included major names in crafting, including Tamara Kelly of Moogly and Marly Bird.

The winner of the knitting category was this adorable onesie that looks like an owl — the “Owl in One” by Erin Donahue. We love the pattern on the stomach that looks like feathers.



Sarah Cano won the crochet category with this wedding afghan, which has the wedding date and words from the service in it.


We have a few other fantastic projects to share with you. You can see more on the crochet and knitting category pages on The Craftys’ website.



This year The Craftys had 1,271 entries and 4,238 votes in all categories! If you missed the livestream of the awards show, you can watch it below.

Next year The Craftys will open in September again. Use the time between now and then to figure out which projects to nominate!

2 thoughts on “The Craftys Award Winners Announced!

  1. Melissa Simpson

    Where can I find the pattern for the WEDDING AFGHAN?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Melissa, Sorry, we don’t have a pattern. The Craftys were judging the finished products.

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