Create Your Own DIY July 4th Picnic

Who doesn’t love a good picnic? But to make a picnic pull off without a hitch you’ll need a few essentials…and these are just a little extra special. They’re all DIY!

Except for the basics of course. You’ll need a couple of things to get started:

1) Casual foods – think sandwiches, fried chicken, and things like that.
2) Ice packs – you can never have too much ice.
3) Drinks – stick to bottled water, wine, and some juice for the kids.
4) Condiments – everything but Mayo.

Oh and throw in the Salt and Pepper. Or if you’re me…Garlic Salt and Pepper. Love that stuff.

Now that we have those out of the way let’s get on to the DIY portion of our DIY Picnic!

    1. You need a cup holder. Whether hot or cold…that doesn’t matter. What matters is making sure your drink is all your own! Whip up a few of these simple cup cozies in different colors to personalize every guests drink!
Zigzag Crochet Cup Cozy
Zigzag Crochet Cup Cozy free crochet pattern LM5683
    1. You need tableware and I’ve been to enough picnics to tell you that place settings are super important. This Americana set is just what the summer needs!
Americana Place Setting
Americana Place Setting free crochet pattern LW2699
    1. You’ll need to make sure you keep the spoons, forks, knives and food up and off the ground. Ants are no fun. My solution. These All-American Cans. You don’t need to know how to knit or crochet! A little glue and you’re good to go!
All-American Cans
All-American Cans free craft pattern LW4764
    1. A picnic isn’t a picnic if there isn’t a blanket…the America’s Ripples Throw is my fav. Simple. Chic. And quick to stitch!
America’s Ripple Throw
America’s Ripple Throw free crochet pattern LW4627
      1. You’ll need something to carry your “stuffs” in. Bottom line. Here I have two options…I love the Easy Split Tote but, if you’re like me, you might have just a bit more than the bag will hold. In that case, go for these baskets…and make the kids carry them.
    Easy Split Tote
    Easy Split Tote free crochet pattern LW5998
    Color-Block Baskets
    Color-Block Baskets free crochet pattern LW5809
    1. Last…but certainly not least…you need decorations. There is no if, ands, or buts about it…decorations make the picnic! Whip up a few of these and you’ll be set!
Patriotic Party Banner
Patriotic Party Banner free crochet pattern LW4761

Well…there you have it! A DIY Picnic perfect for the 4th of July! Are you going to stitch it up? If so, let me know @rohnstrong on Instagram! Heck I might even join in and crash the party!

Create Your Own DIY July 4th Picnic