Creative Colors in Yarn

Sometimes, a pattern is perfect, but the colors the designer used clash with your style. Don’t worry, you can still make that throw or sweater, just change the yarn colors! It’s easy to mix and match colors to suit your home or wardrobe once you have a little bit of color theory in your arsenal of crafty tools!

Let’s use our Ruby Hexagon Throw crochet pattern for an example. It’s lovely in shades of reds and pinks, but what if those colors make you see red? First, we need to choose five different colors to better suite your pallet. Try cool tones (blue, green, and purple) first, since they’ll be the exact opposite of the warm tones (red, orange, and yellow) currently used. Super Saver is a perfect yarn with over 100+ colors. You could choose the colors Soft Navy, Royal, Blue, Delft Blue, and Light Blue – or mix it up even more and switch out Light Blue and use Shaded Dusk instead, for some multi-colored fun!

Want a throw that will match almost everything? Try neutrals like Black, Grey Heather, Zebra, Light Grey and White! Know a pink lover? Shocking Pink, Lt. Raspberry, Perfect Pink, Petal Pink and Baby Pink will be sure to please. Of course, you don’t have to stick with shades of the same color. As long as the colors are in the same tone (warm or cool) they’ll be a pretty safe bet. Take a combo of Soft White, Orchid, Tea Leaf, Lt. Periwinkle and Aruba Sea- a lovely spring time combination that’ll cheer you right up in the winter!

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