Cro-Shayley makes a Dino Stripes Hat

Dino Stripes HatDo you have kids, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews that love dinosaurs? Man my nephew, Chandler, sure does! He even knows how to pronounce a lot of their names…and he’s only 5! I remember learning about them in elementary school and how fascinating they were. Then I saw the first Jurassic Park and was terrified for days. ;)

When I came across Red Heart’s Dino Stripes Hat I immediately thought of my nephew and I just had to make it for him for his birthday. This is a great project to use up some scrap yarn. I had some leftover Red Heart With Love yarn I was trying to use up and I figured this would be the perfect project to do so.

To begin, I started making the hat. Each row in green is dc. Each striped row is hdc. Click here for the Dino Spines Hat free pattern. This pattern offers small, medium and large hat sizes.
Dino Hat in the works

Then, I started making the Dino Spines.
Dino Hat Spines

Once the Dino Spines were finished and sewed into place, then I crocheted the border on the hat and made the braids.
Dino Stripes Hat

Here is the cute birthday boy wearing his new Dino Stripes Hat! RAAAAAH!!!! :) Make one for a Dino-loving little one you know. :)
Chandler wearing Dino Hat

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  1. Jacqueline

    Love it, I wish I had seen it a little earlier in the season as I have just the little one in mind. I guess it will go on the “to do” list for Christmas or early fall. Thank you!

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