Cro-Shayley makes a Kitty Cat Headband

If you’ve never used Red Heart Buttercup for a baby project, you should definitely give it a try. Holy cow this yarn is so “super soft and snuggly” I want to touch it all the time! No wonder babies love it so much! After making a pom pom out of Red Heart Reflective yarn in my last blog, I was itching to make another (times 2) to go on a headband for my new little friend, Miss Chloe. So I decided to use the two yarns for my latest project, a Kitty Cat Headband.

Red Heart Buttercup Red Heart Reflective

LW3506 Flower Petal HeadbandUsing Buttercup yarn and a US 10.5/6.5mm Susan Bates crochet hook, I followed the steps in Red Heart’s Flower Petal Headband pattern. The pattern uses size 3 Anne Geddes Baby yarn but since I used size 5 Buttercup the headband turned out a little thicker but just perfect!

Here are the steps:
Ch 9.
Row 1: Dc in 4th ch from hook, dc in each ch across, turn—7 sts.
Row 2: Ch 3 (counts as dc), skip first st, dc in each dc across, turn—7 dc.

Repeat row 2 until headband measures 16” (40.5 cm) from beginning or 1½” (4 cm) less than head circumference.headband1

Without twisting headband, hold both ends together, slip st last row to foundation ch, matching sts.headband3

Fasten off, weave in the ends and your headband is finished.

Now comes the kitty cat face.

Make an adjustable ring, ch 3 then work 10 dc in the ring and join with a slip st. Pull gently on tail to tighten ring. Then sew the nose on the center of the headband.

Embroider the whiskers and mouth.

Now make 2 pom poms for the ears using a pom pom maker. (I used the Susan Bates Crystalites Pom Pom Tool I had in my craft box.)

Sew the ears on……

……and find a precious little girl and take a flash photo! How cute is she?!?!?!?!