Cro-Shayley makes a Super Hero Outfit

My baby boy just turned 9 months old this past weekend and I wanted to take some fun pictures of him. I searched Red Heart’s free patterns to see if I could find something to crochet that screams his personality and came across the Halloween Boy Hero pattern. AHHH!!! HOW PERFECT!

This pattern offers different sizes so for my growing 9 month old, I decided to crochet the smallest size, size 2, and use Red Heart Super Saver Royal and Hot Red yarn.

Halloween Boy Hero

First crochet the cape and tabs.

Then crochet the cape edging.
Cape edging

Then, onto the mask. Make the eye openings and the face.

Then add the band to the face.
Mask Band

Then join the end of the band to the other side of the face.

Then onto making the cuffs for my son’s itty bitty arms. This really adds to the costume!

Weave in your ends and there you have your Super Hero set!!! HOW FUN!!!!
Super Hero Set

This pattern offers directions on how to make a lightsaber and a star to add to the cape but I didn’t make this part of the project. I was overly amazed at how cute this was on my baby boy. :)

Cro-Shayley makes a Super Hero Outfit Cro-Shayley makes a Super Hero Outfit

4 thoughts on “Cro-Shayley makes a Super Hero Outfit

  1. Pam

    How adorable i would love to knwn where i can fine the pattern. It is so cute for the 9 month old baby please and one size up thank you so very much

    • redheart

      Hi Pam, Thank you for your question! Cro-Shayley used the Halloween Boy Hero pattern for the mask, cape, and wrist cuffs. She made it in the smallest size, size 2. There are larger sizes in the pattern as well.

  2. Kristen Howard

    I’m making the older child version now in Superman colors also for my grandson! His birthday is Tuesday. Gonna be the big 5! Awesome job! Beautiful boy!

  3. Kristen Howard

    Also…thank you for posting these. Gives me a clearer picture of the size I actually do need to do. 😊

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