Cro-Shayley makes a Tiger Friend

While searching for a stuffed animal pattern to make for a baby shower gift, I came across Red Heart’s Birthday Bear for a Prince free pattern. As I was about to begin, I thought how I could turn this bear into a tiger. Both baby’s mom and dad went to Clemson University so I thought how fitting this would be to give as a baby gift.

Birthday Bear for a PrinceI used the same size hook the pattern calls for, 3.75mm [F-5 US], but used Super Saver yarn in Pumpkin, Black and White instead of Red Heart Soft Baby Steps.

To begin, I followed the pattern beginning with the Head and Body. I really like the way this pattern was designed…thanks Michele Wilcox! The head and body are crocheted in 1 piece. Meaning, I didn’t have to crochet the head and then the body and then sew the head onto the body. Although I had to worry with weaving in my ends from changing colors every 3 rows, I didn’t have to worry with sewing the head on correctly…ohhh the small things that stress you out. ;)

See below how the head and body was crocheted in 1 piece.
tiger head and body

Then on to making the legs…
tiger legs

Then the arms…
tiger arm

Then the ears…
tiger ear

Here is the finished tiger body. All that is missing is the snout and eyes.
tiger body

Now comes the snout…
tiger snout

After sewing on the snout and embroidering the eyes…there you have it…a Tiger Friend!
tiger  friend