Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Dasher Gloves

Have you started on your Christmas presents yet? You know Christmas is just around the corner; so close that we are on Week 4 of 12 Weeks of Christmas. Crochet Today's Dasher GlovesEEEK! That means you’ve got 8 weeks to get your rear in gear. ;) If you’re in need of some fun Christmas gifts or inspiration on your holiday home décor, search for our Christmas patterns and check our our newest free Holiday eBook, Have a Cozy Holiday.

As I was reading the November/December issue of Crochet Today, I noticed the Dasher Gloves and thought what a fun and practical Christmas gift this would be for my husband.
November/December 2013 Crochet Today issue

We are Carolina Panther fans and we enjoy tailgating before the games and with the cold weather approaching, I might just have to give these to him early! I’m using Carolina Panther team colors for this project; Black and Parakeet in Red Heart Classic Yarn.

First you begin crocheting the cuff. Working in the back loops of each row forms ridges making the wristers stretchy so you can easily slide them over your hands.

Join the last row to the first row and seam together forming the cuff.
Next is forming the hand up to the thumb opening and here is where I change to black yarn.
The next row closes the thumb opening. Crochet the edging of the hand, thumb and cuff and you’re all done!
Dasher Glove complete
Well, after you weave in your ends of course. ;)
Dasher Gloves
This pattern uses a stitch I’ve never done before; the Split Single Crochet (split sc). Here’s how you do it.
(Note: I’m using the parakeet yarn to show this stitch but the stitch is used in the “hand” part of the pattern. The black yarn is too dark to use to explain.)

Insert hook below horizontal loops and between 2 vertical threads of next stitch.
split single crochet
insert hook here

Yarn over and draw up a loop.
yarn over and draw up a loop

Yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook.
yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook
And there you have a split single crochet (split sc).

Note: If you would like a copy of this pattern, please contact Consumer Services at or (800) 648-1479. Please let them know you would like the Dasher Gloves pattern from the November/December 2013 issue of Crochet Today.