Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s March Hare Slippers

Need a quick Easter gift for a little someone you know?  Or how about a fun centerpiece for this Sunday’s Easter lunch or dinner?  I’ve decided to surprise my nephew with Crochet Today’s March Hare Slippers and fill them with candy and bubbles. 

hareslippercropTo make the slippers, I used Red Heart Soft Baby Steps Baby Blue yarn.
To begin, the pattern first calls for the sole to be made.
Then I rounded the sides and shaped the toe of the slipper.

Next, the pattern calls for the bunny ears.  The shaping of the ears look just like those of a bunny, don’t you think?

Next comes the making of the cute pom poms for the tails.  It adds the perfect accent to this pattern for sure!  You’ll need a pom pom maker, yarn, and scissors.  There are several pom pom makers you can use.  I used the Crystalites Pom Pom Tool.


Sew the pom poms onto the back of the each slipper.  Then snap on the eyes, embroider the nose, and finally sew on the ears and BOOM, there you have it!


Hop on to it!  ;)  Happy Easter everyone!