Cro-Shayley makes Crochet Today’s Neon Tote

Do you need a new summer tote?  Make Crochet Today’s Neon Tote to match your summer style.

This project is a simple tote pattern.  I had Razzle and Pale Plum in Super Saver and Berry in Soft Yarn at my house and thought how perfect these colors would look together.
E300_0579_swatch      E728_9779_swatch
After you make two sides, the front and the back, line up the stripes and sew the sides and bottom together.  Once you make the interface, you’re all finished!  But one thing that I really just don’t like to do is weave in ends.  I know, I know, plum laziness right?  I should really just get over this little pet peeve of mine because with most projects you’re going to have to do this whether you like it or not.

Soooo, when I started this project, I thought I would be creative and not fasten off when it was time to change to the other stripe color.  I simply slip-stiched up the side to where I was supposed to start that stripe color again.  But in doing this, I was left with one side looking a little funny.  Being lazy and all, I didn’t want to rip out the 2 rows of the second color I had just crocheted so I went on with my plan.  I then decided I would seam together the bag with a single crochet of the 3rd color (Berry) making a little border.  This is what I get for not following the pattern, but I think it turned out cute.

handlesI bought these cute handles from Joann Fabrics to use.  They are different from the ones used in the Crochet Today pattern and I didn’t realize I needed to crochet through the rings to attach them to the bag until half way through the striped pattern.  No problem, quick fix!  I decided just to flip the pattern upside down and crochet the handles on the solid side.

(Note to Self:  Before you begin, read through the pattern and figure out your steps before jumping into a project.  Geeeeeeez so much to learn!)

Make your summer tote today!

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