Cro-Shayley makes the Puppy Dog Hat for her Little One

Red Heart's Puppy Dog HatGuess what Red Heart friends?!?! I’m expecting my first baby — A BOY — at the end of October and I’ve only just begun making things for him. I really need to get on the ball because he will be here in no time! EEEK!

Now that I know “it” is a “he” I’m going to start whiping things up for sure. I love to make baby hats, especially the ones that are quick and easy but look like they took you weeks to make! ;)

To start, my first of many projects begins with the Puppy Dog Hat. This pattern uses size 3 Anne Geddes Baby Yarn, but I had size 4 Baby Blue in Soft Baby Steps at home that I wanted to use, so I decided to take a chance, use a smaller hook and tighten my gauge. Since I used a size 4 yarn for the hat, I dug through my stash and found some Black and Buff in Super Saver, another size 4 yarn to keep it consistent, for the other pieces of the hat.

The pieces you need to make after you make the hat are: 1 eyepatch, 2 eyes, 1 nose and 2 ears. Sew 1 eye on the eyepatch, then sew the eyepatch on the hat. Sew the rest of the pieces on the hat and there you have it….a super cute puppy dog hat!

Puppy Dog Hat pieces

















I can’t wait to photograph my baby boy wearing this hat and laying down beside my “other” baby, Koozie (my German Shepherd). Boy is she in for a BIG CHANGE! ;)

Puppy Dog Hat



















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  1. Jennifer Morrow

    So cute baby and their hat. Such a good pattern

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