Cro-Shayley makes Red Heart’s Dragon Hat

Red Heart's Dragon HatMy friend, Lizzie, turned 7 a few weeks ago. She had planned a dragon-themed birthday party and was in need of a super cute dragon hat. I came to her rescue and made Red Heart’s Dragon Hat just in time for her birthday party.

Lizzie wanted the hat and tail to be black, the scales to be hot pink, and the spots to be purple. Luckily, I had all 3 colors in my stash! I used Super Saver Black and Shocking Pink and Shimmer Purple (which added a little girly sparkle to the hat).

Super Saver Black Super Saver Shocking Pink Shimmer Purple



I’ve yet to master gauge and when Lizzie’s mom told me her head was 21″ in circumference and the pattern says the hat measures 18″, I got a little nervous. I measured my head and saw it was 21″ as well so I figured if it fit me, it would fit her. ;) So I loosened my gauge just a little and tried on the hat as it got bigger and bigger.

After making the hat, the pattern calls for making the hat scales, the tail, tail scales, and finally the spots. You’ll need polyfill stuffing for the hat scales and tail.

Dragon Hat pieces

Take your 2 hat scale pieces and join them together with a single crochet evenly across the top (3 sc in the top of each scale) leaving the bottom open. Stuff each scale with polyfill and then sew to the top of the hat down the center back.

Sew the tail scales to the tail’s top center down to the tip. Stuff the tail with polyfill, flatten the opening and sew to the back bottom center of the hat.

Now on to the spots…the pattern calls for 2 large spots, 4 medium spots and 2 small spots. Sew these on the sides of the hat wherever your heart pleases and you’re all finished once you sew in your ends. ;) Now find a super cute kid and give them the hat! Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Lizzie's Dragon Hat

Dragon Hat flat


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