Cro-Shayley teaches a Friend to Crochet

One of my best friends came to visit me recently and as we were watching tv a few hours before she had to go to the airport to fly back home, I asked her if she would like to learn how to crochet. Excitedly she said yes and wanted to make something blue.Well, lucky for her I had a whole tupperware bin stocked full of “blues” for her to choose from. ;)Teaching how to crochet

I thought it would be easiest for her to learn to crochet using a thick, super chunky yarn with a big hook. So we dug through my “blues” bin and found 2 super chunky scrap balls to start with.

We began with the slip knot then the foundation chain. Once she got used to holding the yarn and hook then we went into single crochet. See below the single crochet steps I grabbed from

Learn How to Crochet – Single Crochet

Insert the hook into the work (second chain from hook on the starting chain), *yarn over and draw yarn through the work only.

One sc made. Insert hook into next stitch; repeat from *.

Yarn over again and pull the yarn through both loops on the hook.

See her progress…she’s getting pretty good!
learn to crochet

I think teaching with a chunky yarn is key. Not only does it help you as the teacher point out where to insert the hook but it also helps the beginner see each stitch.

After getting practice with the super chunky yarn, we moved onto a size 4 yarn. Red Heart’s Super Saver is the perfect yarn to learn to crochet with and I thought a square coaster would be a good project to begin with. We didn’t go by and particular pattern…she just made a chain about the length of a typical square coaster then single crocheted for a few rows.

Learn to crochet Learn to crochet

Once she crocheted a few rows the desired length of her coaster, she fastened off then wove in the 2 ends with a yarn needle. And there you have it…a new beginner crocheter! YAY!

Share the fun and teach a friend to crochet! :)

One thought on “Cro-Shayley teaches a Friend to Crochet

  1. Kathie Hamm

    Thanks for the intro lesson on beginning crocheting. I am going to have to be doing something similar to that tomorrow. It has been close to 25 years since i have even attempted to crochet anything and many things have happened in my life (healthwise) that have prevented me from returning to that particular craft but i truly would like to. My problem is that i don’t have too many folks in my life circles that can help with teaching me even the simple basics. That is something i will have to learn all by myself, but i will be willing to bet you that with your teaching demos, by golly, i just bet i can do it! I will give it my best shot and see!!! Anyway, thanks again.

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