Cro-Shayley Teaches Her Nieces How to Hand-Chain

Need a fun craft project for little girls? Three words: Hand Chain Scarf! This project can be complete in minutes and you don’t even have to know how to knit or crochet — all you do is use your hands. My nieces were visiting from out of town and were wanting to make something cool. I happened to have 2 extra balls of Boutique Ribbons in Marble and Aurora so I decided to teach them how to make a hand chain scarf.



Here’s how to begin:

Start with a slip knot. There are a few ways to make a slip knot, here is one way.
Make a circle with yarn leaving a 5″ tail.







Pull a loop through the circle.








Insert  your thumb, index, and middle fingers through the loop. If you have a large loop, you can tighten a little by pulling on the tail…but not too tight as you dont want to break the yarn.

Using your other hand, bring the yarn to your index finger and thumb and pull a loop through making your first chain. Continue to pull through each chain until a few inches of yarn are left or stop when you have desired length.


















Tie the 2 tail ends of the yarn together in a knot forming a circle. This will be the back neck area. Wrap the scarf around your neck to desired length of the scarf.  Weave in the ends under the wraps……

It’s as simple as that! Check out the final result and how pleased my nieces are with themselves! I’m a PROUD AUNT! :)

















Here are 2 excellent tutorials on how to make hand-chain scarves…

Watch now!                                                                                          Watch Now!


…and here are 2 hand chain patterns using Boutique Sashay Team Spirit and Boutique Swerve:

Go Team Hand Chain Scarf                                                     Candied Hand Chain Scarf