Sampler Throw Crochet Along: Week 1

Grab your hooks and yarn and let’s get started on our Sampler Throw Crochet Along.  We haven’t set a deadline or completion date on this project, wanting you to work at your own pace. There will be lots of help along the way so if you have questions, just ask and someone will help you understand.  Watch the How-To videos for each square, as well as, a How-To video on sewing your squares together.  Tell us about your progress; show us pics of your squares as you go.  There are five different stitch blocks for this project.  You can us any Red Heart yarn and colors of your choice.  I have selected 10 different colors of Eco-Ways yarns for my throw.

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Red Heart’s Crochet Along Update

We unfortunately have run into some issues with the Sampler Throw pattern that we are using for the Crochet Along, and are going to delay the start of the Crochet Along until next Monday, February 14th. We want to make sure all the corrections are posted on our website before we begin, so we don’t confuse you from the get go. We at Red Heart apologize for the delay, but we hope you will join us next week to start the Crochet Along of the Sampler Throw! Thank you for your patience.


Red Heart Crochet Along Project: Sampler Throw

Your votes have been counted and the Sampler Throw has won for the 1st Crochet Along of 2011. Rainy Day Ripple came in a close 2nd. You can select any colors you wish, any yarns, including mixing different textures…only requirement is that you use Red Heart yarns. You can even make changes to the pattern if you like to experiment. Let your imagination go wild.  Whatever colors or Red Heart yarns you decide to use, we are looking forward to your joining our group and hearing about your progress. Continue reading “Red Heart Crochet Along Project: Sampler Throw”

Red Heart Crochet Along

We are launching a new feature in February…Crochet-a-Long, and it will be through our Red Heart Yarns Facebook page, and we will continue to blog about it here on HeartStrings.  A couple weeks ago, I asked you to give me an idea of what you might like to work on for both knit and crochet projects.  You have given us some wonderful suggestions and our first crochet-a-long will begin on February 14th (Knit-a-long coming soon).  Numerous comments about wanting to learn or make sampler Afghans or throws, various types of ripple Afghans and grannies were mentioned.  Based on those suggestions, we have selected 3 different crochet afghan patterns for you to choose from.

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