Crocheted Wedding Dress in Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10!

You might have seen Chi Krneta on the news recently: she crocheted her own beautiful wedding dress! Even better, she did it using our Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Thread Size 10.

working on the dress
Photo credit: Milan Krneta

Chi made the most of her bus commute to and from work by crocheting her own lace wedding dress. She designed it herself using the pineapple stitch.

Since she used Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet Size 10, the dress was inexpensive, costing her less than $30 total (including material for the lining). It is also machine washable and doesn’t require ironing. Chi reports that she plans to use it for other occasions with different colored linings — we’re sure it will always be a hit!

We’re so proud that she chose to use our thread for her special day. Thank you Chi!

Update: This pattern is available for sale on Ravelry: Chrysanthemum Lace Dress.

dress back
Photo credit: Chi Krneta
dress front
Photo credit: Chi Krneta
















Photo credit: Jerome Tso
Photo credit: Jerome Tso

22 thoughts on “Crocheted Wedding Dress in Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10!

  1. lori

    Are there any plans to sell copies of the pattern? My daughter just got engaged and it would be perfect for her!

    • Chi Krneta

      Yes, I’m working on a pattern and will let you know when it’s finished!

  2. Rhea

    Wow! Absoluely stunning!My greatest dream is to have a crochet themed wedding…

  3. Anita

    Beautiful Dress, Hope to get the pattern Soon. Only one renark,How come that USA does not produce nicer quality mercerized cotton no more, like in the past. All the cotton now, is of very very poor quality. Does not hold up in wash.
    I am experienced crocheter . Just sad you do not offer better quality thread——–

    • Chi Krneta

      Thank you April! The pattern is finally available on Ravelry under the name Chrysanthemum Lace Dress.

  4. Lily

    This is a lovely dress….and it fits u perfectly….Can’t wait til u create pattern

  5. Willa Taylor

    Magnificent! The most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen! I’d love to see more of your work. You are a beautiful woman also.

  6. Margaret Jones

    Simply Beautiful. Please let me know when you are ready to sell your pattern.

  7. Erin

    Such a lovely dress! I hope I can make a similar one for when I get married, too… Congratulations on your work of art and all the best for your marriage! <3

  8. Sandra Gwin

    I love your dress, it’s beautiful and so practical! If you ever write up the pattern I would love to have a copy. please email me at if you do.

  9. Cheryl Myers

    Your dress is absolutely stunning!!!! I would love to know where to purchase the pattern or where to get it. My husband and I are renewing our vows in July 2016 and I want to make my gown.
    Thank you so much

  10. Jeannie

    I am interested in getting this pattern when it becomes available. The dress is beautiful!

  11. Shirley Smith

    I would love to purchase pattern!! Please email me when available. It’s gorgeous!

  12. Sabrina

    I love this, are you still going to write up a pattern?

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