December Doily of the Month

Welcome to the December Doily of the Month! Each month in 2016 we have shared a new doily pattern for you to make in Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread. We challenged the top doily designers to create innovate designs that coordinate with the feeling of each month. Plus, every month we select five winners to receive an Aunt Lydia’s prize pack.

For December, we have the Party Doily Coasters. These cheerful coasters can be made in holiday colors as shown, or change up the colors to match your home or other special occasions.

Download the free Party Doily Coasters pattern!

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9 thoughts on “December Doily of the Month

  1. Ann M

    So festive! And what a great way to use those “end of ball” yardage I have never been able to throw out. Thank you for the great idea!

  2. Deanna Villagomez


  3. Barbara Giameo

    How do I download this pattern? I don’t see it anywhere in this posting……

    • redheart Post author

      Thank you for your question! You can click on the words “Download the free Party Doily Coasters pattern!” above the photo or on the photo itself to be directed to the free pattern page. You can then click on the red Download Free Pattern button to get the instructions, just as you do for all other patterns on

      If you have additional questions about getting a pattern, please contact Consumer Services at or (800) 648-1479 for pattern assistance.

  4. Victoria Lund

    October and November are missing from the list but I found them in a search. Beautiful patterns! I haven’t tried doilies yet so I’m excited to try these! 😊

  5. Tammy

    Love these patterns but I can’t find the patterns for October and November I would love to download them

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