How Do I Decide Which Red Heart Yarn To Use In My Next Project?

Whether you’re a longtime Red Heart cheerleader or are just discovering a new Red Heart yarn in your local craft store, sometimes it can be difficult to decide which Red Heart yarn fits the best with your project idea or pattern. In this post, I’ll help you choose from 11 of Red Heart’s most popular and newest yarns so you can make the right choice for your next crochet or knitting project.

Baby Hugs Medium

e404_4562_ballYarn Facts: 100% acrylic,; certified safe according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class I, available in 18 colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Projects for babies and toddlers, people with skin sensitivities or allergies, and those receiving medical treatment; projects worn close to the skin.

Baby Hugs Medium is a super soft acrylic yarn that has been tested as being free from harmful levels of over 300 substances. This cuddly yarn is perfect for anything that will be worn close to the skin, such as neck warmers, or for gifting and donating projects to anyone with skin sensitivities, including babies, people with allergies, and those undergoing complex medical care. This yarn holds up to gentle machine washing and drying. I loved using it for the Rippled Security Blanket, a free crochet pattern I designed for donation to Project Linus.

Toddler Joyful Jumper Free Crochet Pattern LW5190 Makin' Squares Blanket Free Crochet Pattern LW4950 Simple Striped Baby Legwarmers Free Knitting Pattern LW5203 Little Man Cable Cardigan Free Knitting Pattern LW5206

Free patterns from left to right: Toddler Joyful Jumper (crochet) by Cristina Mershon, Makin’ Squares Blanket (crochet) by Salena Baca, Simple Striped Baby Legwarmers (knit) by Laura Bain, and Little Man Cable Cardigan (knit) by Alice Tang.



e831_9012_ballYarn Facts: 100% polyester, fake fur texture, available in 11 colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Adding accents to garments, accessories, and home decor projects; animal toys.

Fur is a novelty yarn that adds a furry accent to any project or a touch of adorable to animal toys. Fur is frequently combined with other, untextured yarns.

Irresistible Crochet Puppy Free Crochet Pattern LW5165 Fluffy Polar Bear Free Knitting Pattern LW5315 Warm Savvy Ruana Free Crochet Pattern LW5295

Free patterns from left to right: Irresistible Crochet Puppy by Michele Wilcox, Fluffy Polar Bear (knit) by Michele Wilcox, Warm Aviator Hat (knit) by Lorna Miser, and Savvy Ruana (crochet) by Cristina Mershon.


e847_3305_ballYarn Facts: 96% acrylic/4% other fiber (metallic thread), available in 8 colors, hand wash cold and dry flat.

Best For: Accessories for teens and adults.

Gleam adds a touch of luxury to your next project. The metallic gold, silver, or copper threads wrap around the yarn to add some bling to your projects. The metallic threads aren’t wrapped uniformly, so each project made with Gleam is truly unique. Because Gleam requires gentle care for washing and the metallic yarn gives it a uniquely textured surface, it is best suited for infrequently washed accessories, or special occasion garments, for teens and adults.

Simone's Open Wave Shawl Free Crochet Pattern LW5354 Garter and Lace Cowl Free Knitting Pattern LW5289 Seed Stitch Slouchy Hat Free Knitting Pattern LW5159 Oversized Glam Cowl Free Crochet Pattern LW5034

Free patterns from left to right: Simone’s Open Wave Shawl (crochet) by Shari White, Garter and Lace Cowl (knit) by Jodi Lewanda, Seed Stitch Slouchy Hat (knit) by Cathy Payson, and Oversized Glam Cowl (crochet) by Heather Lodinsky.



e848_7968_ballYarn Facts: 90% acrylic/10% wool, textured, available in 16 colors, hand wash and dry flat.

Best For: Accessories for teens and adults; infrequently wash home decor projects; arm knitting projects.

Irresistible is a jumbo yarn with a soft feel and texture that works up quickly into fabulous projects. Since it requires gentle care, use it to make accessories for teens and adults or home decor items like accent pillows that don’t need frequent washing. You’ll find it’s great for arm knitting — and last-minute gifts — since it works up so quickly!

On Trend Knit Pillows Free Knitting Pattern LW5002 Color Dip Scarf Free Knitting Pattern LM5419 The Goodly Cowl Free Crochet Pattern LW5291

Free patterns from left to right: On Trend Knit Pillows by Nancy J. Thomas, Color Dip Scarf (knit) by Michele Maks, and The Goodly Cowl (crochet) by Laura Bain.


e824_0952_ballYarn Facts: 100% acrylic, 2-ply yarn with separately dyed strands, available in 7 colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Colorful, easy care garments, accessories, and home decor items.

Medley is a soft, bulky yarn that creates lovely color effects by twisting separately dyed yarn strands together into a 2-ply yarn. It’s perfect for creating quick, vibrantly colorful projects with ease.

Woodland Ruana Wrap Free Knitting Pattern LW5287 Chic Cowl Neck Poncho Free Crochet Pattern LW4638

Free patterns from left to right: Woodland Ruana Wrap (knit) by Lorna Miser and Chic Cowl Neck Poncho (crochet) by Salena Baca.


e728_9520_ballYarn Facts: 100% acrylic, available in 43 colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Projects that need a soft touch and plenty of drape, including accessories, home decor, and more.

Soft is a versatile yet affordable acrylic yarn with a soft feel, excellent drape, and a large selection of colors. Soft can be used for most projects, including accessories, home decor, garments, and more.

Free patterns from left to right: Two-Tone Kids’ Hats (knit) by Nancy J. Thomas, Chevron Herringbone Cowl (crochet) by Katy Petersen, Evening Breeze Throw (crochet) by Bendy Carter, and Layered Lace Dress (knit) by Lorna Miser.

Super Saver and Super Saver Jumbo

e300_0319_skeinYarn Facts: 100% acrylic, available in 132 (Super Saver)/33 colors (Jumbo), no-dye-lot solid colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Projects requiring specific color combinations; larger projects; projects that will be washed frequently; projects requiring structure such as bags and toys.

Super Saver and Super Saver Jumbo are variations of the same, durable, easy care yarn. (Jumbo skeins are twice the size of regular Super Saver.) Both yarns are available in no-dye-lot solids, which means that if you run out of yarn, you can get another skein without worrying that colors won’t match. The broad range of color options make these yarns great for “team spirit” projects or anything else requiring very specific color options. The sturdy yarn also keeps its shape well, making it ideal for dimensional stitches (like bobbles and cables) and structured projects (like bags and toys). The large skeins allow you to make big projects without weaving in a lot of ends, and with over 900 free patterns to choose from, you’ll never lack project inspiration. I still cuddle under a throw made with Super Saver over 30 years ago, so I can personally attest to its durability.

Free patterns from left to right: Man Cave Throw (crochet) by Salena Baca, Treasure Chest Throw (knit) by Red Heart Design Team, Cozy Slipper Socks (knit) by Jodi Lewanda, and Wavy Ridge Super Scarf (crochet) by Heather Lodinsky.


e823_0905_ballYarn Facts:
100% polyester, available in 8 colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Quick-to-make and plush accessories and home decor projects.

Sweet is a chenille yarn that makes plush and cuddly accessories and home decor projects. This thick yarn is also perfect for last-minute projects and arm knitting.

Free patterns from left to right: Easy Peasy Hat (knit) by Julie Farmer, Plush Pillow (knit) by Julie Farmer, Heavenly Throw (knit) by Diane Moyer, and So Soft Cowl (crochet).


e793_3943_ballYarn Facts: 100% acrylic, roving yarn, available in 20 colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Dramatic, multi-color accessories and garments.

Unforgettable is an ultra soft yarn that is just lightly twisted. The palette includes many color options with long color repeats that allow you to create seemingly striped projects without worrying about changing colors. The generous yardage allows you to create relatively large one-skein projects, like my free crochet pattern for A Cold Snap Shawlette.

Free patterns from left to right: Soft Shades Earflap Hat (knit) by Cathy Payson, Mia’s Herringbone Chevron Cowl (crochet) by Katy Petersen, Adore This Lacy Cowl (knit) by Nancy J. Thomas, and Shaded Shells Super Scarf (crochet) by Lorna Miser.

With Love

e400_1541_skeinYarn Facts: 100% acrylic, large skeins, available in 42 colors, no-dye-lot solid colors, machine wash and dry.

Best For: Large projects that need a soft touch, including accessories, garments, blankets, and more.

With Love comes in large skeins but is affordably priced. This ultra soft, premium acrylic yarn is perfect for anything that needs a soft touch but will be washed a lot, including afghans, accessories, comfort shawls, and more. The no-dye-lot colors allow you to buy a new skein when you run out of yarn without worrying about color matching. The wide range of color options allows for some great possibilities for color combinations, too. My free crochet pattern for the Marciana Lace Prayer Shawl is an example of a larger project using stripes.

Free patterns from left to right: Color Block Hat (knit) by Sara Kay Hartmann, Striped Scarf for Him (crochet) by Lorene Eppolite, Elegant Ripples Throw (crochet) by Jessie Rayot, and Horizon Brioche Cowl (knit) by Julie Hines.

I hope this post has helped you feel more confident about trying out a new-to-you Red Heart yarn on your next project!

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