Decorating for Spring

Every Spring I get this fresh, new feeling with the warmer temperatures and all the trees and flowers beginning to bloom.  Spring also includes *spring cleaning* and while doing that I like to redecorate. Clean out the old things from last year and updating with new colors or a fresh look. 


None of us can afford to purchase new furniture every year, so I like to update my den with pillows, throws, table toppers or doilies.  Sometimes I use things I’ve already made and move them to use in another area….I’ll get into that later, but for now I’m going to begin with something a little different for the sofa. I love the shape of the Lacy Accent Doily.  It’s made with LusterSheen and will also make a great wrap while sitting outside or taking a walk on those cool evenings. You might want to try Red Heart Soft, and make it as a beautiful Mothers’ Day gift.