Discover Susan Bates Finishing Needles

Whenever I shop at the craft store I like to check out all of the knit and crochet accessories, along with all the yarn. Sometimes I discover items I never noticed before, or perhaps I haven’t picked it up because I didn’t know how to use it. The latest item I found are these Susan Bates Finishing Needles. They are plastic and sold in a pack of five, and come in a variety of colors.

One of the reasons this pack caught my eye is because I enjoy working with the new Jumbo # 7 yarns. Since these yarns are extra bulky and relatively new, it’s difficult to find needles with an eye large enough to thread and weave in the ends. These finishing needles work because the whole needle can open up and you can easily slide the yarn inside. These needles are good if you have poor eyesight, and have difficulty finding the eye to thread. I find they also work on fuzzy, and novelty yarns, as well as on worsted weight.




Each size needle is a different color, which makes them easier to find when they are inside your knitting or crochet bag. Another benefit I discovered is if you accidentally cut your yarn tail too short, these needles can still help you weave in the ends, since the whole needle can be threaded through any area. Plus, this unique design is patented!




I’m so happy to have recently discovered these very useful, pretty, plastic finishing needles. I hope you’ll all go out and get some, so you too can enjoy the benefits of using needles that are easier to thread

Photo is using E826 Grande in 275 Nectar.

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