Discover the Susan Bates Knit Chek!

If you’ve been knitting or crocheting a while, chances are you’ve seen a  Susan Bates® Knit Chek. These handy tools are great to keep in your project bag since they function as many tools in one.



A Knit Chek (which is also perfect for crocheters!) lets you:

  • check row gauge
  • check stitch gauge
  • measure in inches
  • measure in centimeters
  • check the size of needles
  • check the size of hooks






If you look at the top and bottom edges of the Knit Chek, you’ll see rules for measuring centimeters (on top) and inches (on bottom). You don’t need to worry about finding a separate measuring tape if you have a Knit-Chek handy!



The Knit-Chek is known for its ability to measure gauge and to measure needles and hooks.

To measure the gauge of a project, knit or crochet a swatch (or have a section of project) at least 3″ [7.5 cm] square. Put the cut-out on the left side of the Knit-Chek over the fabric. Two inches are marked off vertically and horizontally along the cut-out, so you can easily count the stitches and rows in 2″ and figure out if your gauge matches.















To find the size of a hook or needle, put the implement into a hole in the Knit-Chek. Keep trying holes, moving to larger or smaller ones as needed, until the implement can just fit into the hole — it should not be able to go into the next smaller hole, and it should be loose in the next bigger hole. The holes are labeled with millimeter sizes and knitting needle sizes above and crochet hook letter sizes below.

Too small — the needle can’t go all the way through and is stopped on the tapered part


Too big — there is space between the needle and the hole


Just right — the needle shaft fits into the hole, but there is not any extra space


The Knit Chek is small enough to easily fit into your project bag, and the thin metal means it is sturdy but stays out of the way. Buy yours today!

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    • Senaida Chapman

      I have 2 of these & I love them, would not go with out one, have tried others, but I love this one best.

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