Dishcloths Bouquet

Who would have thought that a simple crochet pattern could turn into such a clever eye-popping home décor statement? Crochet this Dishcloths Bouquet and add a little color and style to your kitchen or bath.

LW4838 Dishcloth BouquetWe show them here in a vase, but they would look just as cute in a basket or bowl. Your guest will be so impressed with your skill and imagination to add such charm to your home. We selected Crème de la Crème for this project. Check out for many more dishcloth ideas.

Get the dishcloth pattern here.


31 thoughts on “Dishcloths Bouquet


    Love them. They are the kind i am looking for. Thank you

    • Joan Patton

      Loving this pattern, that is such a cute, simple gift idea! Would even be cute for the grands to give their teachers. Got a lot of flowers to crochet. Thank you! Joan

      • dianna

        i wish this pattern could be in knitting. not quite adverse in crocheting yet just do double crochet dishcloths right now

  2. Gina

    I have been looking for an unusual pattern to make my daughter and daughter-in-law dishcloths. Thanks for the pattern! It is perfect!

  3. Deborah

    I can’t seem to find the pattern. Can someone help me?

  4. Gail Hitchcock

    I think it’s a clever idea. Would like to make some.

  5. Linda Vreeland

    I have a question. I am looking for a crochet pattern for a wedding dress. Celtic style is what I am looking for but any crochet pattern for a wedding dress would be fine. Thank you.
    Linda Vreeland

    • redheart Post author

      Dear Linda, Thank you for your question. We wrote a few months ago about a self-designed crochet wedding dress in our blog post Crocheted Wedding Dress in Aunt Lydia’s Classic 10! The link to buy the pattern is at the end of the post. Additionally, Interweave Crochet’s Summer 2015 issue has a crochet wedding dress in it. There are most likely additional crochet wedding dresses online but we do not have information on them.

  6. margie ruzicka

    I don’t mind leaving my year of birth. Why do you have 1945 as a cutoff date?

    My year is 1944.


    • redheart Post author

      Dear Margie, Thank you for your question. 1945 was an arbitrary year. We will bring the issue up to our website team to see if they can expand the list.

  7. Susan L Parrish

    Where is the pattern for the flower dish cloths?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Tanya, Thank you for your question! Unfortunately there is not a knit version, at least at this time.

    • redheart Post author

      Hello, Thank you for your question! Unfortunately there is not a knit version, at least at this time.

  8. Erica

    This is awesome ! Love the colors ! They compliment each other,but I would have added a peach or a hot pink,instead of lavender. But all together ,they are beautiful ! Not too complicated, but just enough to keep your interest. Feminine and durable,too. Love it !

  9. Cheryl Grider

    I was wondering if there is any loom knitting stich especially that you could show me besides e-wrap?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Cheryl, Thank you for your question! Unfortunately, we do not have any instructions for loom knitting. You will probably be able to find resources elsewhere online.

    • hazell lopez

      try you tube, I found a lot of easy to follow ones there.just type in what you are looking for, it is how I learned a good many designs..Good Luck

  10. Inge Mercado

    I am totally confused in the beginning of the round, starting with round three. I whish there was a diagram to follow.
    Because I really like the look.

  11. michelle weibel

    Lovely set, but where is the pattern for the dishcloths?

  12. Cecilia

    How do you think these would work up using the Scrubbie yarn? Just wondered.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Cecilia, Thank you for your question! These patterns would not look great in Scrubby. Due to the bits coming off the main middle section of Scrubby, it does not show details well and is better suited for plain stitches rather than lacy designs like these dishcloths. We do have several Scrubby patterns that look like flowers available here.

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