DIY Pompom Earrings for Less

When this link was sent around the office, our chins hit our desks when we saw these pompom earrings were selling for $75! I knew there was a more affordable (and fun) way to add these cute accessories to everyone’s jewlery collection. These earrings work up in a flash and could be great gifts this holiday season. Grab your favorite colors of yarn and get crafting!


Susan Bates Pompom Makers (1” and 1 ¾” used)
Decorative earring elements


After you’ve gathered your supplies, start making pompoms. I’ve taken photos on the 1 ¾” pompom maker so it’s easier to see what’s going on.

1-reduced1. Following along with the included instructions, wrap the pompom maker, being sure to wrap evenly, filling the arc so you’ll have nice, full pompoms.







2-reduced2. Join the two halves of the pompom maker together.








3-reduced3. Using sharp scissors, cut the yarn along the center of the pompom maker, but do not remove the plastic pieces yet.







4-reduced4. With a length of yarn (approximately 6” will do) tie a tight knot around the center of the pompom, between the two halves. Leave these tails long since you’ll use them to attach the pompom to the earrings.






5-reduced5. Remove plastic pieces from pompom.







6. Repeating steps 1-5, make a second pompom.

7. Trim the pompoms as needed, evening out the size and shape.6-reduced








7-reduced8. Attach the earring elements to the earwires. I was able to slide the circle element onto the earwire, but you may need a jumpring to connect the two pieces.







8-reduced9. Tie pompom to earring elements.







9-reducedThat’s it! You now have a pair of fashionable earrings ready to wear at your next party.





They were so easy to make I whipped up a few more pairs, and crocheted a quick chain to hang them on.

Yarns used from top left
E400 With Love in 1932 Minty
E400BM With Love Metallic in 8918 Red
E300 Super Saver in 387 Soft Navy
E300 Super Saver in 3958 Antique

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