Do you need the Handi Tool?

If I didn’t work for the company that sells it, I probably would never know about this cute little Susan Bates Silvalume® Handi Tool. I keep one in my knitting tools and crochet hook kit along with stitch markers, stitch holders, gauge, a favorite pair of snippers and non-greasy hand cream. And I keep a second in my sewing kit.

It looks like the perfect crochet hook for an 18” doll, but along with the hook end and flat finger grip area it has a pointed end like a knitting needle. I love how small it is when trying to keep things compact and lightweight for traveling.

So what is it used for, you ask….Handi Tool picking up stitches

  1. It’s perfect to use when knitting to pick up a dropped stitch and bring the stitch back up to your needle. It works especially well on finer weight yarns.
  2. If picking up stitches around the edge of your knitting, this easy-to-maneuver tool is at the ready.
  3. When using a Rubber Band Loom, French Knitter or Knitting Knobby, it makes it easier to bring the loops over the tops of the pegs without ruining a manicure…and it’s great for young crafters to use.
  4. When knitting a cable, this tool will fill in for a cable needle in a pinch.
  5. Making fringe? This tool is great for pulling single strands through your afghan, cowl or scarf edge.
  6. I also keep a Handi Tool near my sewing machine because I found that when turning a point (like on a collar), it can be used to gently push out the point.
  7. For crafting, when gluing some little embellishment in place, I use the pointed end of the Handi Tool to push it to the exact spot needed. It’s especially good when using hot glue.
  8. Once I used it as a shawl pin…maybe I should get one in each of the six colors for my jewelry box. At this price all six would probably cost less than just one shawl pin!

You can find the Silvalume Handi Tool in many notions departments of crafts and yarn stores or here on our site.

2 thoughts on “Do you need the Handi Tool?

  1. Betty

    I used to keep 1 in my desk drawer at work….if my sweater got snagged on something I could use it to pull the snagged yarn to the inside of sweater. Works great!

  2. Catherine Russell

    I gotta get one in each colour and keep them everywhere. Might just use one as a shawl pin. What a conversation starter!

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