Doggone Good Crochet

Chase is probably the best dog that has ever lived. He also manages to be the cutest. With that said he is also about a hundred pounds and a big bear of a dog…who hates the cold. Hates it. If it drops below fifty degrees…he curls up in a ball and shivers until I cover him with his favorite Tunisian knit stitch afghan. Seriously!

Oh and by the way…this is Chase:I love Chase and if you’re a pet owner chances are you love your pet as much as I love mine…and you want to make them ALL the cute things. ALL. THE. CUTE. THINGS.

Sorry…I’m a big aggressive about making dog stuff. Before I forget! Make sure to share your finished pieces with me @rohnstrong on Instagram!

Many may not know this but I actually started out crocheting dog toys and blankets and selling them online! So…this is kinda cool to come back too. :-)

I scoured the Red Heart archives and dug up a few quick to stitch doggone cute projects that I think you’ll all love!

First up is this cute Hunter Dog sweater!

Hunter Dog
Hunter Dog

I’d totally make that for Chase…except the hat. He’s too sassy for a hat.

Next is the La-di-da Dog Sweater…

La-di-da Dog Sweater
La-di-da Dog Sweater

I mean…this is as cute as the dog wearing it! Does it come in man size?

If your dog is like Chase, they love a good blanket. A Dog’s Home Throw is perfect for cuddling up with on those chilly days!

A Dog’s Home Throw
A Dog's Home Throw

And last…cause I know not every dog is all about the crochet. You might as well make something for yourself…

Dog Treat Jar Topper
Dog Treat Jar Topper

Now, before I go let me give you a few tips from an old dog like myself.

  1. Choose an easy wash hard wearing yarn. Cause dogs aren’t as kind to their clothes as we are.
  2. Don’t get attached to what you make. They’re going to ruin it. They’re dogs.
  3. If making a dog sweater a great wool/acrylic blend is awesome. It breathes which helps the dog regulate their temperature. They get warm too!
  4. Make sure you choose a color that pops…those doggone dogs like to feel pretty too!

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