Dominik’s Scarves for Autism Awareness

Dominik-Alexander Foster, age 12, loves to make scarves using Red Heart Boutique Fur yarn. He names each scarf after Disney characters, and his favorite scarf is this black and white one called Deville after the character Cruella deVille in 101 Dalmations. Dominik has Aspergers, an autism spectrum disorder, and he sells the scarves to raise money for autism awareness and treatments.

Dominik 4
Dominik wearing one of his scarves

Dominik was diagnosed with Aspergers, which causes chronic anxiety along with many other issues, when he was four years old. With early intervention and assistance, he has been able to get through most of the challenges and issues that set him back. He’s a member of the A Team Justice League, a local autism spectrum group, and he realized that many kids diagnosed with autism don’t have the resources and support that he has had. Early detection and assistance is crucial in the treatment of autism. Dominik decided to be proactive and raise awareness of and money for autism treatment.

Over the past several months, Dominik has been making scarves using Boutique Fur. He’s sold them to family, friends, and church members, and is now expanding to more areas of his town. All proceeds are donated to the A Team Justice League, which is currently raising money for a sensory gym for children with autism. A sensory gym is a safe space that allows children with sensory disorders, including autism, to practice skills such as vocalization, motor skills, color recognition, crisis de-escalation, and more.

Isaac with scarves
Dominik’s brother Isaac with some of the scarves

If you’d like to help the A Team’s fundraiser, you can donate using the Paypal button at the bottom of their homepage. To learn more about autism, please visit the Autism Society’s website. For information on early detection and expected childhood milestones, please see this page at Autism Speaks.

Thanks to Crissy Foster-Rosenau, Dominik’s mother, for letting us know about Dominik’s story.