Donna’s Dozen – Amigurumi for All Ages

When I think of stuffed animals…

…I usually associate them with children. But, there are a lot of adults out there that like them, too. Young or old animals are cute, cuddly, and can be oh-so-comforting. Some may be for a collection or the mascot for a school once attended. Either way, these little cuties will put a smile on a face no matter the age. Hope you enjoy the dozen little critters that I have picked for you today! Check out for even more!





Who says lambs can’t be colorful? The design itself is beyond adorable so pick a color and make it yours.




“Hee-haw! Hee-haw!” goes this dearest donkey. Life on a farm would not be the same without him. He can be personalized in pink or blue, it’s up to you.






Know any night owls? What a ‘hoot’ it would be to make this and give as a gift. He is so cute that he would be perfect for a collector, bird watcher or for a child as a toy.




I have a friend that will love this one. I just think giraffes are beautiful creatures. I see several patterns for giraffes that are really large so I thought I would find you a smaller version to knit.





Harper Hedgehog would not be a practical pet for your child, but this crochet version is precious. No prickles here.





Would prefer this with a little Cajun seasoning, but love this yarn version. What a fun gift for your favorite chef or your little mini want-to-be chef.




Elephants do not have to be so grey. I think I will make one in several different colors and hang from my Christmas tree this year. I’ll have the smartest tree around. Use your imagination and see what you can do.





You won’t hear this lion roar, but so much fun to pretend. We have enough animal patterns to create your own safari!





Valentine’s Day or any day this little monkey is sure to show how much you care about that special person in your life. The heart says it all.





I do not think I have met a little girl that did not want a pony. Most only get to ride one, but imagine the joy you would bring to any child by giving them their own little pony. This one is so much easier to clean up after, too!





This is the only mouse that I want in my house. He has managed to grow his own stylish mustache, too. He’s just keeping up with the trend.





All I can say about this one is “precious”. Make someone happy with this charming combo.



I hope you enjoy Donna’s Dozen today. Get your hooks and needles ready and create a keepsake for someone special–even if it’s yourself!

4 thoughts on “Donna’s Dozen – Amigurumi for All Ages

  1. This pattern link does not work. I would love to crochet your charming combo.

    Do you have the patterns for the charming combo? The link does not go to the pattern. So adorable I am excited to crochet these for my new grand baby.

  2. Gemma Madden

    I really love these patterns. I never thought you’d have patterns like these on here.

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