Donna’s Dozen Charming Cowls

I wish that I could tell you that I am up on all the current styles and I know what everyone is wearing, but I can’t. I have a secret weapon, a college age daughter who lets me know what’s hot and trendy. She also feels free to let me know what I should and should not wear.

I can tell you that she will only accessorize with cowls, no scarf for her. Over the summer she brought me four scarves that someone had given her and asked me to sew the ends together and make them cowls. I understand it because they are stylish, warm, sensible and they won’t fall off.

In honor of the colder temperatures I wanted to bring you a variety of cowls. At we have so many different styles to choose from. We have short, long, wide, twisted, dressed up or dressed down and even finger crocheted cowls. Please enjoy my dozen picks, but check out our website for other free knit and crochet patterns and so much more.

First we have a cowl made With Love. So many colors to choose from so you can make it your own.

Picot Square Cowl

Picot Square Cowl









Have you seen the new Boutique Swanky yarn.  We have a pattern in knit and crochet to satisfy all. These projects would be perfect for a dressy night out on the town or a Friday night pizza dinner.

Classy Crochet Cowl                                     Elegant Night Cowl

Classy Crochet Cowl Elegant Night Cowl









Boutique Treasure yarn comes in beautifully shaded colors. The hard part is done for you so you can create a work of art.

Sofia Cowl

Sofia Cowl









You’ll be done with this cowl in a flash. Oh, did someone say flash? If you haven’t heard about our Reflective yarn yet you need to check it out. This yarn has a reflective thread wrap that reflects light. Looks like a regular cowl, but when a flash hits it the thread lights up.

Color Block Cowl

Color Block Cowl









Need a beautiful, fast and easy gift this year? The shell stitch in this cowl could be the answer.

Infinite Shells Cowl

Infinite Shells Cowl









Another new yarn that you may not have heard of is Grande. Yes, just like the name states it is a super bulky yarn that works up quickly.

Classic Chunky Cowl

Classic Chunky Cowl









So many beautiful colors in one yarn makes me a very happy girl. You just can’t miss with this yarn and this cowl. As a gift of for yourself, it will be smashing!

Twisted Cowl

Twisted Cowl









This particular cowl has been one of our most popular patterns. It has a mysterious vibe to it.

Checked Cowl

Candi's Checked Cowl









Heads Up yarn is great for hats, but check it out in a cowl design? Love the cables and rib stitch edge.

Once Around Cowl

Once Around Cowl









Super Saver means super colors. This bright multi colored cowl will be a favorite of most teenagers.

Chunky Colorful Cowl

Chunky Colorful Cowl









Most of you have seen arm knitting, but have you tried finger crochet yet?

 Finger Crochet Cowl

Finger Crochet Cowl









I hope you have enjoyed Donna’s Dozen Cowls.

27 thoughts on “Donna’s Dozen Charming Cowls

  1. shortleaf

    I love all of these cowls! I want to try some of them, maybe. :)

  2. Susan Turner

    Wow!! I see Christmas presents in my future! Do you think any of those beauties are good for beginners? Susan

    • Michelle Brown

      Susan quite a few of these say easy which is just fine for beginners :)

  3. Sone

    Some really beautiful cowls here! and know I’ll be making at least one, sure wish I could knit too, ahhh someday :)

  4. Margo

    The Sofia cowl is a wonderful gift item you can complete in two nights. I have used all kinds of yarns for different effects and for a tighter smaller cowl just use one hook size below the one suggested. A great practice for the double crochet foundation stitch too.

  5. Bea

    Thanks for beautiful quick projects. I am going on a road trip and plan to take along enough yarn for the Elegant Night cowl and the Finger Crochet (it looks great with the leather jacket for fall).

  6. Lawren

    I’ve used the Twisted Cowl pattern and it always makes up quickly and beautifully in any weight yarn. Love it!

  7. Gloria Czwartkowski

    Those cowls are beautiful how do I get the patterns

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Gloria, Thanks! Click on the picture or on the name of the cowl to be taken to the free pattern page. Under the picture there will be a button to download the PDF.

  8. susan

    How nice of you to share these cowls! Many I would make up as gifts!

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Barbara, Click on the picture or on the name of the cowl to be taken to the free pattern page. Under the picture there will be a button to download the PDF.

  9. pauline swensrude

    love all the cowls, will be doing for xmas gifts.

  10. Dell Martinez

    HELP! I have tried to place an order for some of the yarn and only one skein showed up in my cart. What am I doind wrong?

  11. Leli

    A nice variety of styles and textures! Thanks for sharing them with us!

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Jean, All of these cowls have free patterns! Click on the name of the cowl or on the picture to be taken to the page where you can download the PDF.

  12. Anonymous

    How many skeins of Sashay do you use for a crocheted scarf? With knitting being layers the scarf would take a whole skein and be just right, but my crocheted one is much, much longer. Do you just wind it around twice or ????

  13. RUTH ANN


    • redheart Post author

      Hi Ruth Ann, We do not have any official substitution for Medley. If you hold two strands together and you like the fabric you are getting and your gauge matches the gauge given in the pattern, then you should be able to use it.

  14. brenda

    . hi. i’m kind of new at this blog stuff, so please bear with me. My son is a Green Bay Packers fan. I would love to make him a afghan for his dorm room. the problem is, i don’t know the correct colors to be used. i want this done for Xmas, if possible. can someone help me out. also i don’t do football. Lol. thanks for your help. I love using Red Heart Super Saver yarn, too.

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Brenda, Thanks for asking! The Green Bay Packers website says that their colors are Dark Green, Gold, and White. If you’re looking to use Red Heart Super Saver for the afghan, the best colors are probably 389 Hunter Green, 321 Gold, and 311 White, but you’ll have to use your judgment to see how well they match up with the official Packers colors. Good luck on your afghan!

  15. Bella

    I have knitted the Elegant Night Cowl. However, I am unable to finish it . I do not understand sewing the cast-on edge to the bind-off edge. Please help me to understand. Thank you

  16. Pat

    Thank you for the beautiful cowl patterns!!! Love them!!!

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