Donna’s Dozen Fun Summer Crafts

Yes moms and dads it is that time of year again. The time of year that you hope it doesn’t rain for three days straight or that it is not 100 degrees outside. You may have a fun trip planned or a week of camp, but what will you do to make your little angles happy when they are “bored” and “they have nothing to do”. You guessed it, I’ve been there too so I have come up with a dozen Fun Summer Crafts to keep them busy. This is so much more fun than playing a video game all day. I hope you and your little ones enjoy these crafts.

Pompoms for the Hair
Pompoms for the hair may seem like it is just for girls, but boys can make them as a gift or to garnish a gift.
Twisted Shoelaces
Want to add a little color to your shoe laces? You can do it with a little twist.
Pommpom Bookmark
A bookmark pompom could be a wonderful gift for a grandparent or teacher for the next school year
Wrapped Twig Jewelry Holder
With this craft you can have them help with a little yard work and then create something fun. They will never know that you just pulled one over on them.
Wide Braid Headband
Simple, cute, original all describe this craft. Creating this Headband is a great way to use up some stash yarn.
Wrapped Storage Can
Save those vegetable cans for this easy craft. Please make sure that the cans are smooth around the top to avoid any injuries. Let their imaginations run wild and pick their own colors to complete.
Snake Shawl Pin
Sorry to repeat, but this would be another wonderful present for a grandparent or teacher. An original Shawl pin will be much appreciated.
Lacy Beaded Necklace
There is nothing better than to make your own jewelry. I just love this necklace and it is so easy. You can make several with just one ball!
Cheerleading Pompoms
Go Team!! These pompoms are made with Red Heart Team Spirit. Let’s hear it for the boys (or girls)
Go Team Hand Chain Scarf
No hooks or needles, no worries with this hand chain scarf
Easy Friendship Bracelets
I do not know if friendship bracelets made a comeback or never left, but I remember making these when I was young. Loved sharing with my friends.
Knotted Fringe Scarf
If you can make a knot then you can make this knotted fringe scarf. It will look like it took hours but it didn’t.

9 thoughts on “Donna’s Dozen Fun Summer Crafts

  1. anna

    The hair pom poms look like so much fun to wear. Think I’m too old at 52? LOL. Naw…never to old because when i get old I shall wear purple, mix matched socks and dance in the streets. Maybe I’ll do that with pom poms in my hair. :)

    • Rosemary

      You go girl! Have fun.
      -From a 65+ yarnie

      • Lynn

        Hey, I got you beat. I am 74 and still work with yarn every day. I have a ton of crocheted afghans and other things, but just can’t stop.

  2. Susan Davenport

    Love it. I’m 54 and will be dancing with you.

  3. angie

    I love hair poms too! These awesome easy things the kids can do over the summer with my left over yarn. Plus it will keep them from driving me nuts haha!


    Nice…but how about some crafts for boys?

  5. Rosita Brown

    I’ll be 62 next month but feel 32! Maybe we can post pics of our pompom hair do ladies cuz it soinds fun!!

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