Donna’s Dozen: Hoots by the Dozen

This is not new to Red Heart, but it is now official that I now have my own blog. It is called Donna’s Dozens and will include twelve designs within a specific subject. Hang in there with me because I do not claim to be a writer/blogger, but I will do my best to bring you interesting and fun projects each time.

So Whooo’s on your hook. You guessed it, we are going to explore owl patterns this time. We have wonderful designers that use their imagination to create fun and playful patterns for us. There is something for everyone. Let’s explore this beautiful bird together.

Do you know someone decorating their nursery in Owls? It is a very popular theme right now. Well we have the perfect baby blanket for you to make and give as a gift, the Whoo’s My Cutie Blanket.
Whoo's My Cutie Blanket

Home décor you say? There are several options in this category. Let’s give a hoot and take a look. Need a fun and Whimsical Owl Pillow?
Whimsical Owl Pillow

How about a Woodland Owl Cup Cozy to keep your morning coffee nice and toasty?
Woodland Owl Cup Cozy

Need something really cute to store your yarn or magazines in? This will add character and charm to any room, the It’s a Hoot Owl Container.
It's a Hoot Owl Bag

This next item is really a hoot: a precious Owl Toilet Roll Cover. It’s so RETRO!
Retro Owl Toilet Roll Cover

We even have two fun and festive owl ornaments.:
Hoot Owl Ornament                                            Wise Owl Ornament
Hoot Owl OrnamentWise Owl Ornament

The animal hats for young and old have been all the rage recently so we had to contribute too!
Make Me an Owl Hat                    It’s a Hoot Knit Owl Hat              Give a Hoot Crochet Owl Hat
Make Me an Owl Hat It's a Hoot Knit Owl Hat Give a Hoot Crochet Owl Hat

A child’s outfit would not be complete without the cool Wise Owl Tote!
Wise Owl Tote

We will complete our list with Ollie Owl. He is a fun stuffed owl that can be made in the color of choice.
Ollie the Owl

I hope you enjoy these magnificent owl designs that show so much personality and creativity. I will be back soon with another Donna’s Dozens, but for now have a hooten good time with these!

Donna's Dozen

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  1. Anonymous

    Almost all the patterns are crochet. Not even worth reading if you’re a knitter.

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