Donna’s Dozen: Hopping Spring and Easter Patterns

I think it is safe to say that we have had one dreadful Winter so I thought I would bring you hope for better days with some Spring and Easter designs. Even if it is still cold and a little dreary where you live I hope these wonderful designs will make you feel all warm and fuzzy. Speaking of Fuzzy, let’s take a look at some adorable Easter bunnies.

 First we have a Bunny Pillow every child will love. You could make it in Pink for your little girl or mix it up with blue for your little boy.
Bunny Pillow Pal

Don’t forget the sweet babies in your life. We have some delightful designs that will bring a smile to all that come in contact with your little bunny. The Baby cocoon and bunny hat below are made with Red Heart Anne Geddes Baby yarn. It is a size 3 weight and has a captivating color line.
Cottontail Bunny Cocoon & Hat

If you like working with Thread how about a bunny hat and booties made with soft touch of Bamboo.
Bunny Hat & Booties

Every little girl needs an Easter Hat. Below we have an easy hat that you can make your own by changing out the ribbon to match her Easter dress or sweater.
Pretty Enough for an Easter Hat

Bunny slippers are a hit any time of the year. My 19 year old daughter still wears fun animal slippers. For all our knitters we have some Pet Pal slippers.
Pet Pal Bunny Slippers

What child would not appreciate a stuffed bunny in his or her basket. Below we have two different options. Remember you can change the color way for a boy or girl.
My First Bunny                                                                Hop Along Bunny









Every child I know has had a favorite blanket to carry around. How about a bunny comfort blankie for your Sweetheart.
Bunny Comfort Blankie

The Argyle pattern seems to be timeless? Here we have the perfect dress for your preppy little girl.
Sweet Argyle Dress

I love to decorate this time of year so I could not have a dozen Springy designs without bringing in a little home décor. You can change the look of your front door with this Easter Bunny Wreath. We also have a wreath for every month on our website if you like to decorate all year long.
Easter Bunny Wreath

Need some eggs for a basket? You can make four or a dozen. This is a great way to use up some scarp yarn that you just can’t seem to part with. Yes, I have that stash too!
Easter Eggs

Are you hosting Easter dinner at your house this year?  Impress your guest with a splash of pastel colors and bunnies. You can make these festive Placemats and napkin holders for Spring or change the colors for any time of the year.
Easter Placemats with Napkin Rings


2 thoughts on “Donna’s Dozen: Hopping Spring and Easter Patterns

  1. Nancy Pardue

    I have pattern LW2491 which recommends RH sweet baby yarn—discontinued. Which RH yarn would you recommend in place of the Sweet Baby yarn?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Nancy, Thanks for your question. The closest yarn is Soft Baby Steps. The gauge is similar but not identical, so make sure you do a gauge swatch so that the project will turn out the same size.

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