Donna’s Dozen: Oh Sweet Baby Feet

Babies are so precious and everyone loves to dress them up. We have a wide range of patterns to finish off any outfit. Most of our socks and booties are unisex patterns and all you have to do is switch up the colors.

Not too many people hang their laundry out to dry anymore, but check out these socks hanging on the line. All are completed in different Red Heart baby yarns.


              Happy Toes Baby Socks              Comfy Baby Socks             Fluffy Toes Baby Socks              Cozy Toes Socks

HappyToesBabySocks      ComfyBabySocks     FluffyToesBabySocks     CozyToesSocks

Snuggle Toes Socks are sure to make your baby warm and cute all over.


Here is a pair of Tootsie for the footsie socks in Blue Earth. There is also a binkie print and sorbet for the little girl.


For a quick knit and really soft yarn try this pattern:

So Soft Socks

Need to keep those toes soft and warm. The ever so soft Buttercup yarn is to the rescue. I would love a pair of sock stitched for me in this yarn:

Warm & Fluffy Booties

I always thought of my babies as royalty so if you do too we have some crown booties for you to crochet. We have shown them in a boy and girl color-way.

Crown Booties

The T-strap Booties will make a good first impression while meeting all new family members. You never get a second chance to make a first impression you know.


Mary Janes will always impress. Sorry guys, this one’s for girls only:

Baby Jane Booties

Babies are so cute when they are dressed in costume. These booties can be worn for Halloween or to dress up an outfit:

Sweet Lady Bug Booties

We have plenty of baby yarns to choose from and in a multitude of colors to make it your own design.  Go to and search for the perfect pair of booties or socks.


5 thoughts on “Donna’s Dozen: Oh Sweet Baby Feet

  1. Jacqueline

    I love your new site. The booties are adorable too. I am always looking for a new bootie pattern. I love to tuck them into a card when welcoming a new baby.


    I love your site, going to try and crochet some of these lovely booties

  3. lisa

    I love this new web site! I did not know their were so many different kinds of yarns by name and functions.Thanks Red Heart!!

  4. Barbara

    I love baby patterns, especially baby booties. Would love to see these booties in Anne Geddes yarn. Would it work for these patterns?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Barbara, Which booties are you interested in making in Anne Geddes? You should be able to make any of the booties that were originally made in 3 weight yarn, which is what Anne Geddes is. Also, the ladybug booties are written for Anne Geddes Baby yarn.

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