Donna’s Dozen: School Days and Golden Rule Days

Believe it or not it is that time of year again to send our babies off to school again. Yes, my daughter is almost 20, but she is still my baby. This time of year affects everyone from Primary school all the way to graduate school. Red Heart is always here to help. Let’s start out their year in style. First I would like to look at wardrobe:

For the frilly girl in your life why not whip her up her own ruffle scarf. Boutique Sashay Mini™ was designed for the younger diva in the house. We have created some super fun colors that will put a smile on her face and her friends might want one too. Good thing they are so easy to make.

Sweet Ruffle Scarf













Going into middle school or high school can be a challenge within itself so send her off looking spectacular in this brilliant circle vest. No matter what color you choose in Boutique Unforgettable® she will be a very fashionable teen.

Teen Endless Circle Vest













We cannot forget the young men in our lives. Since boys will be boys, they may need a little help in dressing for success. They will look dashing and ready to learn in this Rib Vest.

Boy’s Seeded Rib Vest













Again for the young and beautiful girl in the house, let her style show by wearing the ever so popular chevron dress. Make it in her favorite colors and she will stand out in a crowd.

Child’s Chevron Dress













My son walks to the bus each morning in the dark so this ear flap hat will be great for him. It not only will keep him warm, but the yarn has reflective thread wrap that makes it reflect flashes of light.

Child’s Earflap Hat













If you have a little one that is timid about leaving for school for the first time. If she plays with dolls she might like to have a back-to-school outfit for her. This pattern is for the ever so popular 18” dolls. This could be the comfort she needs. Imagine her coming home in the afternoon and talking to her doll about the amazing first day she had.

Dolls Day at School













We did it when we were young and they are still doing it now. I am talking about Friendship Bracelets! Yes, they are still around. Red Heart now has a nylon thread called Sizzle and it is all the rage. Your daughter or son just might want to make a bunch of these for their close friends. I’ve given you one pattern, but there are several on Talk about a great craft project on a rainy day.

Skinny Stripe Bracelet













We cannot deny that we are in the world of electronics. I am not sure if my daughter even carries a pencil anymore, but she has her tablet everywhere she goes. I promptly made a crochet cover for the tablet and her laptop, which she uses, and you can do the same. I have brought you a knit e-reader cozy, which might work for some tablets, and an i-pad cozy. By the way, I was asked to make a cover for all my daughters’ college friends so believe it or not, they do like your work and what you do. :)

Cabled E-Reader Cozy                                                                                                                iPad Cozy













Who’s ready for some football? We cannot talk about back-to-school without talking about football. No matter the age or gender, there is a football fan somewhere that you can make happy with one of your creations. Red Heart Team Spirit is the place to start. This yarn is self-striping in two colors so the hard part is done for you. I will leave you today with three of many great projects for the sports fan in your family.

Hear It For the Team Hat                                      Let’s Win Scarf                                            Sports Fever Footrest










Have a great and inspiring new school year from Red Heart!