Donna’s Dozen: Stunning Scarves

An accessory can be the most important element to an outfit. It can turn something drab into dynamic, plain into perfect or oh-no into oh-yeah! A scarf is a perfect example of this. Check out the dozen scarves featured below. I know you will find something to dress up your drab day.

This is a yo-yo scarf in a very colorful way. Make it with the color listed or choose from a line of beautiful shaded colors to make it perfect for you.

Make a scarf in this classic Fair Isle pattern for the man in your life or mix up the colors and turn it into a gender neutral scarf.

Take this braided stitch scarf and add Boutique Sashay Sequins around the edging and you will look smashing while keeping you warm at the same time. I love the color teal, but Red Heart Soft Yarn has many gorgeous colors so you can pick one that is just right for you.

Speaking of elegant shaded yarn, check out this scarf in Boutique Treasure. If you are in need of an easy knit scarf that will look like you spent days on it, try this one.

We all need to pass on our craft so I present you with the perfect beginner scarf to teach your special protégé. Share your knowledge with someone new today!

Do you know a female hunter or the wife of one? Boutique Sassy Fabric has this camo print to add a little ruffle to her day. Check out all the fun prints in this yarn line. You will not be disappointed.

Reversible, good for a guy or girl and a unique stitch pattern to learn, what else can you ask for? This one is on my to-do list for Christmas presents this year. It’s never too early to start.

Boutique Infinity is new to our collection. This is a knit scarf that works up quickly and the yarn comes in 8 appealing shades.

I cannot leave out my thread lovers. This is a scarf of many colors and will brighten up just about anyone’s mood or dull duds. It makes me think of wearing a rainbow. :-)

Red Heart Grande yarn comes in a variety of heather shades. I love this basketweave scarf in a Wintergreen shade. This yarn is bulky and projects work quickly, not to it is mention very warm!

I cannot leave the little ones out. I found this scarf that is perfect for the young sports lover in the family. Check out Red Heart Team Spirit and find your favorite team colors. Fans will show their spirit for this.

I know that I have mentioned this before, but Red Heart Medley is one of my favorite “recent” yarns. It is bulky, soft and the color range is amazing. Knit with this dewdrop stitch and make yourself or someone else a fabulous accessory.


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  1. Petra Rohrs

    I really do love your easy to read patterns, with lovely designs.

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