Donna’s Dozen Throw Back 70’s Style

I wish I had the space to keep every bit of clothing from every decade because styles are always making a comeback. Everywhere I look I see the 70’s. Luckily the avocado and gold kitchens did not return in the home dec area. I searched the site and found some great retro patterns. The only thing is you will need to find a place to store them because in 30 or 40 years these fashion statements will return.

Chevron Cape
I think everyone owned a knit or crochet cape back in the day. Capes are a wonderful accessory for those of us that do not like to wear coats.
Granny Square Jacket
The granny square has been around forever so why not incorporate it into a jacket? Works for me.
Crochet Vintage STriped Jacket
I remember seeing a few of these jackets back in the day. You can change up the colors for a completely different look.
Times Square Pillow and Throw
This is a new design with a retro look. Personally, I love Granny Throws and this pattern comes with a bonus pillow.
Four Square Retro Vest
We cannot talk about the70’s without bringing up the granny square vest. This design uses four granny squares for a unique look.
Single Square Granny Vest
Here is another look at a granny vest, but with a single large square. I can’t decide, one square or four. Okay, one of each!
Retro Owl Toilet Roll Cover
If you grew up in the 70’s and had a crafty mother, you had something on top of the extra roll of toilet paper in the bathroom. Right?
Granny's Classic Throw
I love this throw! I made it for my mother using leftover Soft yarn and it turned out just beautiful. The classic granny can be made to look retro, match décor or by choosing modern colors.
Bright & Beautiful Top
This unique top/dress was popular in the 60’s, but stuck around for the 70’s. Today I would wear this as a very stylish bathing suit cover-up.
Striped Mini Skirt
A crocheted striped skirt screams 70’s and it’s back. Make it in these retro colors or put you own modern spin on it.
Granny Motif Vest
I cannot leave you today without one more granny square vest. If you are daring enough you could pair it with the striped skirt above for a complete 70’s ensemble.
Crochet Granny Blues Lapghan
The Granny Blues Lapghan is one large granny. The smaller size will be perfect for a long car ride or just to curl up and watch a movie.

I hope you enjoyed the blast-from-the-past throwback 70’s style. Let’s just hope shoulder pads do not come back from the 80’s.

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  1. GramsStitches

    Oh those 70s memories!! I began to crochet in 74 and haven’t stopped–guess I’ve taken a few breaks here and there. Still lovin’ it

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