Donna’s Dozen Top 12 Patterns of 2014

It is hard to believe that 2014 will soon come to an end. We would like to take this time to thank you all for choosing Red Heart® as your source for free patterns. There are so many wonderful patterns to choose from that I am sure you have not had time to see them all. Did you know we have over 2,500 free patterns? The following designs were some of the most viewed in 2014. Maybe there is one in this list that you missed.

LW4502 Twilight Shells Throw

One of the most viewed designs was the Twilight Shells Throw. It is easy to see why with the color grouping and the ease of the pattern.


LW2900 Little Sweetie Dress & Headband











We all love babies and girls love pink so this combination is just right. Such a cute pattern for that special little one.

LW4085 It's a Hoot Owl Container


The title says it all. We have several owl patterns, but this one beat out all the rest. What a great place to store your Red Heart® yarn stash.

LW4133 In Love with Color Throw











I think this throw is fabulous and most of you agreed by how many times it was viewed. I am thinking of making this to use up some of my partial balls of yarn.

LW4195 Divine Textured Throw and Pillows


This divine throw and pillow set went up for the Holidays, but it can stay out in my house all year long.


LW2750 Frilly Crochet Scarf










Red Heart® Boutique Sashay® has been a top pick for a couple years now and still going strong. We continue to come up with new colors, styles and exciting different ways to use it. Though the ruffle scarf has always been the most popular.

LW2890 Easy Fit Ribbed Hat


The Easy Fit Ribbed Hat is not a new pattern to our site, but loved by many. This is a hat that will never go out of style and easy to make. It is also a fast project so you can make one in several different colors and have one for every outfit.


Peppermint Throw Crochet Pattern









Did someone say candies for the Holidays? The peppermint throw is just perfect for decorating and you all agreed. I did not have time this year, but it is on my list to have ready for next Christmas. I just love it!



LW4002 Valentine Heart Coaster

I will assume that most of these were viewed around January and February of this year, but it is almost that time of year again. We are partial to Red Hearts here… :-)

LW4161 Mystique Tunic










A tunic using shells and sparkles has endless possibilities. You can wear it to the office and turn around for a night on the town. There are no seams on this design so that is one less step for you.



Some call this a headband and some refer to it as an ear warmer, but either way it is a charming and practical accessories. I love how the flower dresses it up a bit.  Unfortunately, this color is not available, but there are 15 other colors to chose from.  I’ve made 5 for gifts this year alone.


LW4132 Checkerboard Textures Throw










The Checkerboard Textures Throw was part of our crochet along this year. You can make a throw out of all the different squares or pick your favorite square and create your own.



Again, thank you for letting us into your home to help provide a little inspiration. We think 2014 has been a fabulous year and plan to make 2015 even better.

Have a Happy New Year!

18 thoughts on “Donna’s Dozen Top 12 Patterns of 2014

  1. pat jones

    Love the no dye lot. What makes the varigated not as thick and is not included in the no dye lot ! RH is the only acrylic yarn that I use!

  2. Irene

    I really enjoy making all the new crochet designs thank you for letting us have the patterns free.

  3. Lisa

    Thank you for this great collection of free patterns. I was surprised how many crochet patterns there were compared to knit patterns. Nice to see as I’m just starting to crochet more than knit! Thanks again.

    • dana

      Im the opposite of you. I learned to crochet at 7 and 2015 is the year I learn to knit. And I hope I can figure it out! :)

      • redheart Post author

        Hi Adda, Which pattern are you interested in? All of the patterns are free on our website.

  4. Mina Phillips

    I am ready to start the peppermint candy cane throw (better late than never! maybe for next Christmas lol) anyway, the tutorial is outstanding! Certainly a project I would not have been able to even attempt without the help. THANX !!!

  5. dana

    Where is the pattern for the one at the top in the picture?! The brightly colored one. Anyone know what its called? Thanks.

  6. Joan

    The Easy Fit Knit Ribbed Hat is such a classic! I think I will make this in the round on circular and dpns and treat myself after Christmas! :)

  7. Colleen Vale

    I always start with RH and finish with RH. Never a problem with quality, quantity, color. Thank you for your consistency over all these years. My grandma introduced me to RH. I have introduced my granddaughter to RH.

  8. sally K

    I love the fact that you offer so many neat patterns to print off. The ladies in my senior group are thrilled when I bring them in.

  9. Yolie

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that most of these patterns are also the ones that Mikey has made tutorials for on the Crochet Crowd. He is a wonderful promoter of all things Red Heart. Here’s hoping the partnership continues!

  10. Elisabeth Wilson

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful crochet patterns. You continue to keep me inspired and my fingers busy.
    The Owl basket has been a major hit with several friends.

    Elisabeth W.

  11. Anonymous

    Is there a video for the peppermint throw. I am having a hard time following the pattern

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