Each one, teach two or three – with Sashay and Ribbons it’s super easy!

In photo L-R: Mary, Ann , Me, Susan

E782Over Christmas I had a chance to get together with family and teach my nieces, Mary & Ann, how to knit. I was thrilled that they were excited by the yarns and about learning how to make their very own scarf. Mary is 12 and Ann is 10 years old and as a rule they are pretty crafty so I was sure they would be successful at knitting too. I thought teaching them with Boutique Sashay and Ribbons would be a great first project since casting on is so easy, and you get to the fun part much quicker.


They caught on right away and after a very short time the ruffles began to form and they were well on their way to completing their very first knit project. SUCCESS!!

I also taught my sister-in-law Susan, who is an experienced knitter how to knit with Sashay – she had never used it before (I know – how is this even possible…) and of course she caught on quickly and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use.

Not only did we make cute scarves, but we had a lot of fun talking and laughing and I even fixed a few of their dropped stitches – a true Christmas miracle!

I think I created some new Red Heart Sashay & Ribbons fans and maybe even a couple of new lifelong knitters… I’ll keep you posted on that last part!


Learn How to Knit with Sashay Video


 Color Splash Scarf                                                                                              Lola’s Scarf