Embellish Your Look with Tassels and Pompoms

Looking for something fun and new to add to your summer style? Pompoms and tassels are great ways add a little boho flair and movement to your look!

Here are some great tutorials:

How to Make Pompoms
How to Make a Tassel

Here’s some project inspiration!

Add pops of color with pompoms in your hair (or on your hat, bag or jacket!)

LW4371 Pompoms for the Hair

Sizzle tassel necklaces are a great way to add some swing to any outfit.

Lc4335 Tassel Necklaces

Have a plain shawl? Add some tassel-inspired fringe like the Sidewalk Shawl.

LW4705 Sidewalk Shawl

Out on the web, we found some great examples of how to use these fun accessories, check them out!

Image via Lovely Indeed

Image via Elina Lindardaki’s Etsy shop

Image via A Pair & A Spare

Image via Jacks and Kate

Image via Design Mom

Image via The House that Lars Built

One thought on “Embellish Your Look with Tassels and Pompoms

  1. Camilla Hudson

    When my daughter was in middle school she would make pom poms in pairs for friends at school. That first year just about every girl had pom poms on their shoes. It was a fun project for her and all the girls loved them..

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