Enter to Win Yarn for a Year!

Red Heart Yarns has partnered with Happily Hooked Magazine  to bring one luckily Grand Prize Winner yarn for a whole year! Read on to see details of the prizes and how to enter.


Grand Prize

One Grand Prize Winner will receive 10 skeins of Red Heart Yarn of their choice each month.


Five runner-ups will receive $125 of Red Heart Yarn of their choice.

How to Enter

Fill out the entry form on the Happily Hooked website. The contest ends December 15, 2014 and a winner will be announced December 18, 2014.

Enter to Win!

Official Rules

219 thoughts on “Enter to Win Yarn for a Year!

    • Debi

      would luv to win so I can knit more blankets for children battling cancer

  1. April Jones

    So excited! This would make a lot of baby dresses!!

  2. mary bezio

    being on disability with a fixed income this would be a blessing!!

  3. Barbra Bramley

    As a senior on a very tight budget, free yarn will let me do more knitting for charity. Thanks folks!

  4. Brianne Stewart

    I taught myself how to crochet and would love to have yarn free for one year!

  5. cathy sampson

    Red Heart yarn is wonderful. So many different skeins to choose from. It’s my go to yarn.

  6. Linda Searfoss

    Wow! The many many things I could create with all of this yarn! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. Lorraine

    OHHHHHHHH!!!! The possibilities!!!! Like they say, we never have enough yarn! :) :)

  8. June Holowczenko

    What a wonderful Christmas gift – it will last alllllll year! An afghan a month!

  9. Leandra

    This would be an awesome gift to receive. I make hats, scarves and blankets for the homeless in my area along with a few others, & this gift would be able to keep us busy all year!!!!

  10. Christine Lopez

    I crochet everyday. Mostly for charities, church, doctors offices and homeless shelters. I can certainly use the yarn. Red heart is my choice of yarn. It’s easy to crochet with and washes great …Items last a long time. I still have my grandson blanket I made before he was born and he’s now 27 years old Thank you and God bless.

  11. C Shepherd

    I would love to win yarn for a year, I have 4 grandbabies, 3 born in October. It would be fun to be able to crochet for the babies and parents

  12. Charleen Haberle

    I have been crocheting since I was 8. And I am 25 now and have loved every minute of it. And can’t wait to do more.

  13. Sue Riepnieks

    Oh mercy I would LOVE to win yarn. My budget is so tight that this would be like a miracle!

  14. Debbie Glover

    I would love to win yarn for a year. Always crocheting toys, blankets, clothes. I only use red heart yarn. Thank you for considering me

  15. Diane L. Suder

    This is so wonderful. Thank your for the chance to win some of my favorite yarn. I love making hats and scarves for the homeless and blankets for preemies. This would make a lot of items to donate.

  16. Debbie Panetto

    Oh my! A dream come true. So many patterns, not enough yarn! Hope to WIN. !

  17. Betty Jackson

    I’d love to win this. Just imagine what I could do with all this yarn

  18. Kimberly Bodiford

    We are in a baby boom with family and friends and I can sure use the yarn for baby afghans.

  19. Stacey Stewart

    I love Red Heart Yarn and use it all the time!

  20. Gina Stanger

    Wow, yarn for a whole year? A yarn hoarders dream……

  21. Penny M

    Thank you so much for the chance to win… I love red heart yarn and their patterns

  22. Yvette Walker

    I would love to win the yarn so I can make things for my new granddaughter!

  23. Teri Westlake

    This would be a great Christmas present for me.

  24. Arlene Newman

    This is amazing. I love red heart yarn and use it all the time. I have made quite a few scarves with the Boutique Sassy Fabric and everyone loves them.

  25. Mike Sammon

    I would use the yarn to make things for my in-laws, and friends of the family.

  26. Arlene Newman

    I love red heart yarn and use it all the time. My favorite is the Boutique Sassy Fabric

  27. Kelly jo Gehrke

    I love to crochet, my mom got me started when i was six. Now most of the gifts that i give are crocheted. my family just laughs at me because i buy mor yarn then food. But I tell them i get joy twice I get to make the gifts then i get to give them away and there is nothing better!!

  28. Alethia Douglass

    I love to crochet. This is my work of art mixed with love.

  29. Rose Mullay

    I would love to win yarn for a year. I’m on a fixed income and a lot of what I crochet I donate. Love Red Heart yarn and I use a lot of it.

  30. Noreen Rollins

    wow would love this. Would be just in time for my retirement.

  31. Jackie LaManna

    Would really like to win getting yarn every month boy could I do a lot of projects

  32. Carol Henderson

    I LOVE Red Heart yarn…This would be like winning lotto except I would have the joy of handing out blankets to the homeless and the dying <3<3 Ty for giving me the chance <3

  33. Karen

    Who wouldn’t love to win yarn for a full year???? I would I would…thanks for the chance to win.

  34. Jan

    I would LOVE to receive yard for a year! OMG… the projects I could make! Thank you for offering this opportunity!

  35. Michelle Webb

    I would love to win yarn for a year. Oh my the things I could make. my mind is in overdrive just thinking it about it


  36. judy sellers

    My e-mail was hacked and I had to close it. I can be reached on Fcebook

  37. Vahid keshmiri

    Have been waiting for such a giveaway for years. Have many projects lined up, but can’t start without yarn (can’t afford it now) :(
    I hope I win. Thank you so much :)

  38. Susan Sabo

    i can think of all the things that I could make with the yarn

  39. connie b

    Would love to win yarn for a year. Thanks for the chance.

  40. Loretta Coffee

    This yarn for a year would be a blessing! I’m helping my sister make handmade stuff with yarn for our hero’s one year feed to pass out to anyone that comes to eat with us, which is our tradition.

  41. Rosanne Anderson

    I would love to win this and enjoy making some things for all my grandchildren.

  42. Lynn Hansen

    Love Red Heart yarns! I donate lots of my finished projects to the local hospital for the pediatric ward, so winning this yarn would be wonderful!

  43. Roxanne Lewis

    Crocheting scarves & hats for those less fortunate with Red Heart Yarns is my best therapy since I am disabled. To win a year’s worth of yarn = OMG! This would make for a fantastic Christmas present.

  44. Sue Johnson

    i love red heart yarn love and soft. I make baby hats for the hospitals and for the homeless. They are so soft and warm I make them for my grand babies and kids and they always comment on how soft they are. Even if I don’t win I will always use red heart yarn.

  45. Heather

    I would love to win yarn for a year so I can make items for my daughters

  46. Melody Stewart-Markey

    Oh what I could do with a year’s worth of yarn.

  47. kathy kerstetter

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE winning yarn for a year!!!!

  48. Bobbi Richard

    I would be so very thankful if I won. Good luck everyone ;-)

  49. Cindy Masoudpour

    Red heart yarn is my favorite yarn for crotchet. It would be like heaven if I won yarn for a year.

  50. Sheri Richardson

    I am a beginner and I would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!!!!

  51. Debbie Crider

    I just love to crochet, most i give to family and friends but have managed to keep a few afghans for myself! Since I have psoriatic arthritis this is something I now must do in moderation, but it helps keep me going!

  52. donna kalam

    I would really like to win this yarn for a year sometimes i cannot afford to buy yarn and i love to crochet and knit so this would be a great help to me

  53. Libby Elliott

    I have an addiction to yarn and instead of selling my items, I am donating hats, blankets, and “lovies” to my local NICU for the babies and their families.

  54. Pam Gonsalves

    Would love to win this! Stocking up on hats for foster kids.

  55. alice braun

    I love red heart yarn soft. It has such a wonderful feel to it when your knitting. The colors are great!

  56. betty hawthorne

    i could have a ball with a years worth of yarn my sister and i nake blankets for the humane society the premi nursery at the local hospital and blankets for the new born babies born to the staff in the unit i work in also for my family and friends

  57. irma vszquez

    I Love to crochet hats. For The children who have câncer in this season

  58. betty hawthorne

    it would be wonderful to win a years worth of yarn my sister and i make blankets for the local humane society, the premi nursery at the local hospital blankets for the staff member i work for for their new babies and of course for my family and other friends

  59. Connie

    I love to win some yarn. There are allways nice things to make. Knitting and crochet is like magic. You do the stitches and something wonderfull turns up. Love to do it.

  60. Donna Carter

    Would LOVE to win…just donated a bag of hats today to help our local Kinsmens Club provide gifts for less fortunate children in our area. Could make a lot more with all that yarn :). Love all the patterns. Cheers

  61. Shelby Turner

    For many years I have only used Red Heart Yarn. My grandmother taught me my first stitches and she told me way back when, to only use Red Heart Yarn because it is the best. I have followed her advise. Thank you, Thank you!

    Shelby Turner

  62. Betsy Hack

    I would love to win this beautiful gift knowing i can’t afford gifts this year i have two daughter’s would love to make something beautiful for the both of them

  63. Lori Simmons

    just tried to enter to win yarn for a year and after I filled in my info it wouldn’t let me continue to enter.

  64. Betsy Hack

    I would to win this beautiful prize being by i can’t afford Christmas gifts this year i would like to make my daughter’s something special

  65. Vicki Miller

    My hubby is a disabled Vietnam Vet. I had to quit work to take care of him. I can’t afford much yarn. I would love to win this yarn for a year.

  66. Linda Orellano

    We love red heart yarn! my teen daughter loves to knit with me!

  67. Britta Tiffant

    90% of the yarn I use is Red Heart oh what I could do with free yarn for a year!!

  68. brenda ryken

    I would absolutely love and be very grateful to win this prize. I love yarn!!!

  69. Paula A.

    This would be a dream come true. Red Heart makes every kind, every color of yarn you could ever want. I knit and crochet to make gifts of all kinds, one-of-a-kind garments for myself and charity donations. Great giveaway; thank you!

  70. Jeannine Hausch

    This will be a wonderful way to have yarn for gifts for family and friends as well as yarn for all the items that my group makes for charities. Wonderful event.

  71. Teresa Arrington

    Since I’m on the cusp of retirement, I could certainly use this prize to upgrade my stash. Knitting to keep my fingers nimble!

  72. Clare Beaver

    i would love to win yarn for a year. With a new grandchild on the way, it would be wonderful!

  73. Rebekah Walden

    oh what fun I could have with a year of yarn. My goal is to crochet 10 afghans by Christmas next year for my Grands. Just finished 9 for my hubby and grown kids.

  74. Tressa Hammond

    I would love to be able to make some baby things for my future grand baby and my two daughters. They love homemade things. Thank you!

  75. Cathie Buell

    I would absolutely love to win the yarn for a year! I am 59 years old and have been crocheting since I was 15 when my sister taught me. I love crocheting and do so every chance I have! I try to help my husband supplement the household income by selling my projects. This would help me tremendously!!! Please pick me!!!!

  76. Diana Ross

    I have two teenage grand daughters and a teenage niece, that are asking me to teach them how to crochet. So since it’s winter and almost Christmas, now would be a great time to teach them :) It would be a great help to win the yarn! Thank you for the chance!

  77. Jenni Reynolds

    Red heart yarn is my favorite go to for any project. With so many colors and textures to choose from, you can’t go wrong!!

  78. Gillian McNally

    Red Heart Yarns are the best, nothing more I can say about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  79. Nicole hartley

    I love red heart yarns . I’m currently just a knitter trying to learn how to crochet

  80. Torrie Hoskins

    I would love to win :)
    I recently started a crochet challenge where I crochet as many hats, headbands dresses and sweaters as possible by April 15th 2015 so I can sell them at our garage sale and use the money for future Ivf treatment :)

  81. Iris Schaeffer

    Just retired and taken up knitting haha, this would be an awesome thing to win!

  82. Carol Root

    Oh what fun projects could be accomplished if I were to win this. ou will truly be the best Christmas gift ever!

  83. Carol Root

    Wow terrific contest. Gonna make some one really happy.

  84. Cheryl Canada

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to know what it feels like to swim in a room full of beautiful yarn from RED HART!!!!!

  85. Amanda kielthy

    This would be a fantastic prize for all the projects that I want to do but can never afford them all

  86. Carol Groulx

    Red Heart yarn is what I use most for my crochet patterns. Thanks Red Heart!

  87. Ione Ament

    I would love to get more yarn. I crochet for the Veterans Hospital, homeless kids in my city’s schools, animal shelters and head Start. Also crochet for family and friends. Thank you.

  88. Tina Julius

    My friend and I crochet and donate hats and scarves to the homeless and working poor in the Boise, Idaho area. We have been doing this for 2years now and have donated about 3,000 items. This would really help our foundation! We have a page on facebook you can checkout called Javene’s Hats For Hope Initiative; Idaho

  89. Lisa Henninger

    I have crippling arthisits and I am trying to make as many things as I can so my family will have them and pass down.

  90. Arlene Cecala

    I so would love to win all this yarn. I love Red Heart and make a lot of throws with it.

  91. Robin Buckhalter

    Winning would be my Christmas wish come true.

  92. Regina Geary

    Its my birthday on the 18th. I would love to win something.

  93. Jean Bernard

    I would love, love, love to win yarn for a year! Pick me, pick me, pick me.

  94. Christie Jones

    This would be amazing to win I love red heart yarns!!

  95. Susan Warner

    I hope everyone has a great Holiday time and enjoys all their homemade items that everyone has taken so long to make for them. I would love to make alot more and this would certainly make it possible.

  96. Olivia Flores de Ruvalcaba

    I am a addicted hooker to crocheting. I hate shopping, but when it comes to buy yarn, I go crazy! You probably will put it in different words like, “I am happily hooked to crocheting.” I make all kind of stuff for my kids, family, friends, pets and neighbors.
    Winning yarn for a year will be awesome!

  97. jessica goodman

    Wonderful prizes! I could crochet more hats for Cancer donations.

  98. Diane Hahn

    Thank you for the contest. It is just fun to have the chance to win.

  99. Maydean Hood

    I really hope that i win because i am a leader of the crafting ministry at my church in Clarksville Tennessee and we have alot of projects we are planning on doing for the hurting people in our area God Bless you all

  100. Sally Sentiff

    the knitters at St. David’s in Englewood, Fl. send all their knitted and crocheted garments and blankets to a group in West Virginia which then distributes the items through out Appalachia. We are always in need of yarn for our projects and would be grateful for this generous supply of quality yarn as would the recipients of our finished products, people who have very little.

  101. Joan Oliver

    My pleasure to crochet with Red Heart yarns for many years

  102. Patty Bates

    I am disabled and am making scarves for the homeless and the shelters. I also make premie blankets.,so I would like to win so I can help other people.

  103. Elva Brooks

    What I couldn’t make for local charities with this!

  104. Jennifer Raymond

    This would be great for next years Christmas gifts.

  105. Teressa Smith

    Would love to win yarn for a year, since I have such a hard time affording to get one or two at a time. Hope I win!! :) :)

  106. Cheryle Fisher

    Love red heart yarn! Would love to win this contest!

  107. Kathy

    Would love to win, I have so many family members and friend I could make goodies for.

  108. marie truax

    I love to crochet and am slowly learning to knit.I lost my husband in 2010 and i stopped crocheting.He was the person to say wow that looks great or what is that.lol But i picked up a hook the other day and have had a very hard time putting it down.I love red heart and will continue to use it for life.

  109. Anonymous

    I love yarn.I cant live without a yarn. Yarn is my life. Iwant to win

  110. Rhonda

    I love red heart yarn all of it i find it very easy to work with and make lots of things to i love to win yarn for a yearn I could make lots of projects and give them away as gifts or sell at craft show good luck to all!!

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