Fa-la-la-la-la with Garlands

Decked-out with garlands your home becomes a happy place that is a reflection of you! No longer are garlands limited to being displayed on a mantel or banister. A garland can be added to any room in the house.

Choose your favorite snowflake and crochet a flurry of snowflakes! Display them all through the house–along a stair railing, on a mantel, at the top of windows or even over your guest headboard. There are many snowy possibilities!

LW3712 Snowflake GarlandLW3712 Snowflake Garland WR1691 Crochet Snowflake GarlandWR1691 Crochet Snowflake Garland LW4418 Snowflake GarlandLW4418 Snowflake Garland

If you’re wanting to break out of the red-and-green mode, you might decorate with a bright palette like these garlands. Or customize the garland with your own personal spin on color.

LW4885 Snowman GarlandLW4885 Snowman Garland LW3181 Party Cupcake GarlandLW3181 Party Cupcake Garland LW2658 Bright Hats and Mitts GarlandLW2658 Bright Hats and Mitts Garland

It’s fun to get the kids in on the decorating and have them make pompoms! Add jingle bells to pinwheels for festive spirit. Or do stars if Hanukkah is your family’s holiday.

LW3160 Pompom GarlandLW3160 Pompom Garland WR1917 Garland of PinwheelsWR1917 Garland of Pinwheels LC4380 Hanukkah BannerLC4380 Hanukkah Banner

Being resourceful with garland decorating helps keep holiday costs down . . . just collect some basic yarn and add a bit of your time and talent! Our patterns are a starting point for turning your everyday house into a merry holiday home!