Welcome to the Featured Throw of the Month!

What is it?

Each month in 2015 we will had a great new throw for you to crochet. The throws will be related to the months they are featured in. Use Super Saver and With Love to craft these beautiful throws for your family and friends.

We will also had a giveaway for the yarn to make the throws. Every month 5 lucky winners received the yarn to make that month’s throw.

How do I participate?

At the start of the month come here to find our newest throw. We’ll give you a tip for the pattern, and you can enter for a chance to win the yarn to make the throw by using the form at the bottom of the monthly blog post. Plus, use the hashtag #throwmonth to discuss the series.

2016 Throw of the Month eCalendar

We created a free 2016 calendar from each of the Throws of the Month! Download it here.


January: Snowflake Throw



February: Ice Crystal Throw

LW4637 Ice Crystal Throw


March: Top o’ the Mornin’ Throw

LW4675 Top o' the Mornin' Throw


April: April Showers Throw

LW4616 April Showers Throw


May: Flower Garden Throw

LW4687 Flower Garden Throw


June: Lacy Floral Throw

LW4642 Lacy Floral Throw


July: Patriotic Pride Throw

LW4601 Patriotic Pride Throw\\

August: Southwestern Rainbow Throw

LW4724 Southwestern Rainbow Throw


September: One-Piece Stripes Throw



October: Fabulous Fall Throw

LW4686 Fabulous Fall Throw


November: Nine Patch Variation Throw

LW4720 Nine Patch Variation Throw


December: Dancing Snowmen Throw

LW4854 Dancing Snowmen Throw

Official Rules

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