February Featured Throw of the Month

Welcome to the second of our Throw of the Month series! This month’s project is the Ice Crystal Throw made in Red Heart Super Saver yarn. Each month we will have a new themed throw as a featured free pattern. Each throw will have a tip or two in the blog, as well as a giveaway to win the yarn to make the throw. Keep reading for the tip and to access the giveaway! Use the hashtag #throwmonth to talk about the series.

Download the Ice Crystal Throw!

LW4637 Ice Crystal Throw


This month we’ll work on double crocheting 4 stitches together (double crochet four together, or dc4tog). This stitch is a longer version of the double crochet two together (dc2tog) that is more common.

I’ll be working on a few rows of double crochet fabric. I’ve started another row of double crochet here, then I’ll work the dc4tog, then finish the row with double crochet.

TOTM Feb 1

Step 1: Yarn over, insert hook into next stitch and draw up a loop.

TOTM Feb 2

Step 2: Yarn over and draw through 2 loops on hook.

As you can see, there are now two loops on the hook. The one on the right is from the completed stitch, so it is attached to a taller bit of fabric than the one on the left, which is the one attached to the uncompleted stitch.

TOTM Feb 3

Step 3: Repeat Step 1.

TOTM Feb 4

Step 4: Repeat Step 2.

As you can see, there are now three loops on the hook. The one on the left and the one in the middle are the same height, but both are shorter than the one on the right.

TOTM Feb 5

Step 5: Repeat Step 1.

TOTM Feb 6

Step 6: Repeat Step 2.

Now the hook has four loops on it.

TOTM Feb 7

Step 7: Repeat Step 1.

TOTM Feb 8

Step 8: Repeat Step 4.

Now you have 5 loops on your hook: the original loop from the completed double crochet stitch, and the 4 loops from Steps 2, 4, 6, and 8.

TOTM Feb 9

Step 9: Yarn over and pull through all 5 loops on the hook. This will finalize the stitch.

TOTM Feb 10

As you can see in the picture, a dc4tog pulls in quite a bit, since it is reducing 4 stitches down to 1 stitch.

TOTM Feb 11

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62 thoughts on “February Featured Throw of the Month

  1. Joan Sheldon

    Wow what a beautiful Throw you have featured. Will love making it.

  2. Pallie

    What a beautiful throw. Snowflakes again which is great since I like them in crochet and not the real thing. Would really like to win the yarn kit for this one.

  3. Jodi

    Beautiful. Would love to make this for my daughter.. :-)

  4. Roxanne Lewis

    It’s my birthday on Feb. 11th > and what better to enjoy it is to win this Red Heart Yarn Throw to make & cherish for years to come! ~ ♥ ~

  5. Kathy Stav

    Looks like it would be nice and warm! Keep the snow coming!

  6. Angela Dunaway

    How cute! I would love to make that for my sister!

  7. Tina Darwazeh

    What ” cool ” colours! I love this! Keep up with the great patterns! I love them.

  8. Deborah Curran

    what a great throw – fingers crossed. thanks

  9. Renee

    Searching for Red Heart yarn in SA has not been successfullvit would truly be an honour crocheting with this yarn. Thanking you Renee.

  10. Nancy Cowan

    I love to make afghans and constantly have at least 2 going at a time. I normally have projects using different thread thicknesses so my hands don’t cramp too much. I would LOVE to win the yarn to make this beautiful afghan. I would also appreciate any crochet patterns for afghans with rabbits that I can make for Easter. I thought Red Heart had one but I can’t find it and need to get one started. Also, we are expecting another grandchild in August that I would like to make one for.

  11. Naomi Lancaster

    This throw is adorable and I would really love to win one!!❤️

  12. Jeannie

    I really like this new pattern and would love to win the materials to make it. I have made 2 of the dusty snowflake afghans and enjoyed making them for my son and daughter. Maybe I could make this one for myself!

  13. Mary

    Yes , I would like to be added to rec’ an email when next months afgan comes out. Also where do I find last month? I can’t wait to get started on this one. Beautiful . Thanks Mary

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Mary, Thank you for your interest in our Featured Throw of the Month series! We do not have a dedicated email list for the series, but they will be part of our normal email newsletter. You can also check our blog and our social media channels, as we will announce the throw at the start of each month.

      The January throw can be found on this blog post: http://blog.redheart.com/january-featured-throw-month/. The giveaway for that throw has finished.

  14. Lydia Carawan

    Thank you for the great afghan pattern, hope I win the yarn to make this one!

  15. Jane Giucci

    Over the past 3yrs I have used redheart patterns. I recently bit the bullet and purchased redheart yarn to coincide with the pattern. I have never been happier with the outcome. I would dearly love to make this for one of my grandchildren.
    PS. I live in Australia with conversion rate and shipping fees makes it hard to purchase ☺

  16. Susanne O'Grady

    My granddaughters would LOVE this throw!!! They adore the movie Frozen, and it would match their Frozen accessories!

  17. Teresa

    This is a neat looking throw. Is it made all together or in rows that have to be sewn together?

    • redheart Post author

      Hi Teresa, Thanks for your question! From the pattern PDF: “Snowflakes are made first and then attached to backing motifs by working through both thicknesses at the same time while working Round 4. Motifs are then assembled into strips with strip border worked around entire strip. Strip edging is then added to each side of strip. Strips are then sewn together and border is worked around entire outer edge.”

  18. Joan Schoeneberger

    I love your throw of the month. I can’t wait for each month to come. Hope I can win the yarn to start this throw. Otherwise I have to save for the yarn since I live on a very limited income. I have knitted since second grade when my mother taught me how to knit. I am now 73 years old and continue to perform in this art (using Red Heart yarns) and continuing to teach my granddaughters this art. Not to many young people show an interest unless their mom, aunt , taught them. Thanks for your beautiful yarns. Joan

  19. Susan Norman

    Oh my goodness that is a beautiful pattern and the colors are gorgeous!
    I would love to win the yarn for this giveaway.

  20. berni

    I enjoy seeing the color combinations, the use of colors often triggers my imagination for color and new projects.

  21. Sue

    Love this. I’ve been working on the Holiday Cable Throw and love the challenge of learning new stitches. This looks like it would be another great experience with stitches.

  22. Claudia Messier

    I love the muted but complex colors in this afghan, and I think I’m up for a new challenge!

  23. Arlene Faber

    This looks like fun. I belong to a group that donates completed afghans to Project Linus for distribution to needy and ailing children of all ages.

  24. Sheila Preston

    I would love to win this kit & make this beautiful throw.

  25. Barb

    Learned to crochet in 1968 or thereabouts. My speciality is baby ‘gans, but this will be a great addition to my collection of patterns,

  26. kat mandrell

    I just signed up for the news letter! I’ve been crocheting since I was 12. Last year in honor of my grandmother I made certain ones in my family afgans. This year I’m continuing the tradition and doing it again for Christmas! I’ve finished one and will make one a month! I really like thos pattern and it sooo would fit into my group of blankets I make and give away to certain ones. Its sort of my way of giving back. Thanks Red Heart, love the yarn and the patterns!

  27. Roberta Lykins

    I really love this throw and would love to win this yarn! I am more a knitter but this beautiful throw gives me the desire to improve on my crocheting.
    Thank you!

  28. Mony

    It would be so amazing to win the great Red Heart supplies to make this gorgeous and very unique afghan. The colors are fantastic!

  29. Roxie

    Beautiful!! I just love snowflakes. Am really looking forward to making this afghan. Would be nice to win the yarn to make it!

  30. Pat Krawczak

    Absolutely beautiful throw for this time of year, would love to be able to make this one for my daughter and/or grand-daughter. Since I’m retired I’m on a very tight budget and don’t have a lot of extra cash to purchase the yarns that I want to do projects all the time. I would definitely love and appreciate winning the yarn to make this throw. Thank you for providing all the free patterns on your website. I have downloaded and/or printed out many of them for both crochet and knitting. I absolutely love browsing your patterns and colors and variations of your yarns. Keep up the good work Red Heart and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  31. Nora Key

    Love this pattern! Hoping to win the yarn to make it! :) I’ve been crocheting with Red Heart yarn for 40+ years and really love the yarn and the large variety of colors to choose from.

  32. Chris

    Looks like a great pattern and so cozy! Will enjoy making this one.

  33. Michele

    Has anyone made this yet? I’m trying to..wanting to know if they made it with the proper 6 ice crystals. We’re in snow country here in VT and making this now for a professional and want to do it with 6. PLEASE HELP!!

    • Anonymous

      I have so far made the snowflakes & motifs with 6 crystals instead of 8.

      • Michele

        I too, got through those, linked them together tonight. I Also made another snowflake style. That is as far as I have gotten. How about you?

    • Cara

      How were you able to make the snow flakes? I’m having difficulties following the pattern. It is not coming out anything like the picture when I’m making it. I rounded and was able to 16 sc in the wring, but am having difficulties with the round 2. Is there any assistance that you can provide me?

  34. lillian Grace

    I am a grandmother off nine, great-grandmom of 11. the children are beginning to multiply and and weddings and babys arriving. Would love to pass this beautiful on to one of them. i am 76 yrs young and married 57 yrs 2/15/2015, my husband is 82. love being married that long.

  35. Karey Nurse

    I just became a grandma so that would be the perfect gift for my granddaughter

  36. Florence Eller

    The afghan is beautiful. I would really enjoy crocheting it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  37. Nancy Jarvis

    The color could also be modified for a Christmas throw….very nice.

  38. Megan Fender

    This is an icily beautiful themed throw blanket, in my 87 year old Mother’s favourite colours, that I would dearly love to make for her now that she really feels the cold. I can see her cosying down in this during our Southern Hemisphere Winter. While still a few months away, I will still have time to create this piece to keep her toasty warm

  39. Linda Little

    New to crocheting and appreciate the visual tutorials. And thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway!

  40. Carol Kyte

    My son just moved in to his first apartment (in the northeast) and I think this would be a terrific “apartment warming” gift. It would keep him warm and wrapped in love from home!

  41. Meredith

    I’ve already downloaded the pattern and ready to up my skill level.

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