Finishing and Border for Checkerboard Textures Throw Crochet-Along

Congratulations! You’ve made 20 squares for the Checkerboard Textures Throw  (LW4132), and now we’re going to put them together! You can download the final PDF with all the square patterns as well as the border and finishing instructions here


Before you attached the squares together, lay them out in the arrangement you want. We put our version of the full afghan as is shown in the assembly diagram shown here and on the PDF, but you can do them in any order that you want! For my example, I’m just using 4 small textured squares that I made in previous blogs.



Cut a long strand of yarn, and thread your yarn needle. Leaving a tail, start whipstitching squares together. Line the squares up so that the single crochet edgings match. Since you made sure to have the same number of stitches on each side on the edging round, all of the squares should match up easily.

To whipstitch, start your yarn needle on one square and pass it through the edging of the second square. Then move the needle back to the starting side and create the same stitch again. Pull the stitches snug but not too tight, so you have a solid-feeling join.

JoiningSeams_1  B-WhipstitchSeam









If you have a preferred method of joining squares, such as single crocheting them together, you’re welcome to use it instead of whipstitching them together. Different joining methods will change the way the final throw looks.

Continue sewing squares together until you have put them all together. It may be easier to sew all of the rows together or all of the columns together into strips and then sew the strips together.



After you attach the squares you’ll add a border to make the throw look polished. I used a different color on my sample to make it easier to see the border.

All of the border rounds except Round 6 are worked with the right side of the afghan facing you. In the corner spaces, work “single crochet, chain 3, single crochet” or “double crochet, chain 3, double crochet” according to which stitch you’re using in that round. Please see PDF for more detailed instructions.

For Round 1, you’ll single crochet your way around the entire afghan.


For Round 2, double crochet in each single crochet from Round 1.


For Round 3,  you’ll alternate single crochets and chains around.


For Round 4, you’ll work Front Post Double Crochet stitches into every other double crochet from Round 2, on the double crochets underneath the chain stitches. In between the Fpdc stitches you’ll single crochet into the single crochet stitches from Round 3.

I-Round4   J-Round4closeup










For Round 5, you’ll repeat the alternating single crochets and chains from Round 3.


For Round 6, you’ll turn the throw so you’ll looking at the wrong side as you work. You’ll single crochet into every single crochet and chain space from Round 5.

M-Round6   N-Round 6closeup











For Round 7 you’ll turn the fabric so you’re working on the right side of the throw again. You’ll double crochet in each stitch around.


Now you’ve finished! Post pictures of your completed afghans on our Facebook page and stay tuned for our Knit-Along beginning July 2, 2014.

Introduction to the Crochet Along
Cross-Stitched Square
Granny Square
Back Loops Square
Front Post Treble Crochet Square
Popcorn Square
Raised Crochet Treble Square
Front Post Double Crochet Square
Back Loop & Front Loops Square
Front Post Double Crochet around Single Crochet Square
Shells with Front & Back Post Stitches Square
Double Crochet & Slip Stitch Square

Official Rules

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  2. Karen D.

    How much yarn do I need for the border? I’m doing the blanket in different colours and I’m hoping to use my leftovers to finish it off.

    • redheart Post author

      Dear Karen, Thank you for your question! Unfortunately we did not calculate out the border amount, so we do not have an answer as to how much yarn the border takes.

  3. Dana

    Dear Hannah row 4 of finishing border says to fpdc over the chain. Unsure what that means

  4. Betzy

    I made one in all red and it came out beautiful! I’m making another one in light blue and white squares. It’s such a portable pattern! Thank you.

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